10/6/21 Meeting Agenda & Notes

Esta Tovstiadi (SUNY)
Esta Tovstiadi (SUNY)
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Present: Hess, Davis, Heiz, Lougen, Brent, Grimmer, Richmond, Owens, Pritting, Tovstiadi

Agenda & Notes:
  • Follow up on Director's meetings
    • Tech schools met when the community colleges met
    • Colleen posted Comprehensives notes, she will find those
      • Colleen will follow up with NOVELNY about long term plans for Gale DB
  • SLC Meeting
    • Shannon and Esta will request time for us to present at the SLC fall meeting
  • Second community update (December? October?)
    • The group decided to schedule for December 1st at 1 pm. Esta and Shannon will schedule.
  • Usage analysis
    • The group reviewed aggregate usage data for the SUNYConnect EBSCO databases
    • Curious about the trends of usage and how other factors (pandemic, Primo, enrollment)
    • How much of this lowered usage has to do with EBSCO not playing well with Primo?
    • The group will meet again to review usage in more depth

  • Renewal strategy discussion
    • America History and Life with FT, SOCIndex are examples of databases that many campuses subscribe to outside of the package.
    • Bring EBSCO list of potential swap outs, swap ins, ask them to propose us.
    • The group agreed on moving forward with re-negotiating our package with EBSCO for this renewal cycle.