Week 9: Moonshot Prototype

Katie Schuler
Katie Schuler

Materials from today's class

  • No lecture slides today
  • Moonshot 5 (below)

In-class Activity: Moonshot 5 Foundry Phase I

Due Friday, November 13th at 11:59pm

In the Foundry, you’ll begin to bring your idea to life.  Today you’ll think about how to execute your moonshot solution! You’ll develop what is known as a “paper prototype” of your solution as a first step in creating it.

Paper prototypes will look different for different groups. If you are developing an app, for example, you might draw out exactly how the screens of the app would look, and diagram what each screen would do (and what is happening behind the scenes).  If you have more of a concept than a physical product, you might paper prototype a blueprint to your solution or a storyboard to how you would go about executing your solution.  Diagram the steps you would need to take to take, the people you’d need to talk to, etc. to make your moonshot a reality. 

Looking ahead
  • Next time, you’ll continue working in the Foundry (Phase II), where you will continue developing a “paper prototype” of the solution to your moonshot and create a draft of your final poster!


Blog post must include:
  1. Remind us of your question and the final solution you will pursue 
  2. Include a brief description of the kind of paper prototype you’ve decided to make 
  3. Include a photo or video of your paper prototype.  Be sure that you write about each step that you’ve included so the readers can understand what your paper prototype is doing. 
  4. As part of this week's assignment, each member of your team is required to fill out the first peer evaluation form.