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Katie Schuler
Katie Schuler
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September 1, 2020

Materials from today’s class

In-class assignment 1

Meet your classmates

  1. Meet and chat with some of your classmates
  2. Highlight our diverse backgrounds and interests
Logistics and looking-ahead:
  • This assignment will take approximately 30 minutes. You'll be assigned to a breakout room with 3-4 other students via Zoom.
  • For the first 10 minutes, you'll introduce yourselves to each other and ask each other specific questions about your backgrounds and interests. 
  • For the next 10 minutes, each person will introduce one of their group members to the rest of the class by writing about them on the discussion board prompt. 
  • For the last 10 minutes, your group will be asked to read through the introductions and contribute a slide summarizing the class responses to one of the questions. 
  • We'll announce when to move on to the next task, but feel free to go ahead if you complete the task early. 
In-class Tasks:
  1. First 10 minutes: Meet each other!
    • Once you are in a break-out room, talk to each other to find out the answer to the following fill-in-the blanks. You might want to take notes on at least one person (make sure everyone in your group is covered) because you'll be asked to summarize that person's responses in the next step.
      1. I am from ______.
      2. I am a ______. (insert class year freshman, sophomore, etc)
      3. When I was a freshman, I thought my major would be _____, now it's ______.
      4. I chose to take Language and the brain because I am interested in _________.
      5. One of my strengths in this subject area is ________.
      6. One of my weaknesses in this subject area is _________.
      7. To produce my best work, I need ________.
  2. Next 10 minutes: Introduce each other on the discussion board
    • Go to the discussion board prompt for this assignment and introduce each other! Each person in your group should introduce a different person in the group (no introducing yourself!). Make sure to include the answer to all 7 questions for that person. 
  3. Last 10 minutes: Contribute a summary slide
    • Your group will be assigned one of the 7 questions above. On the corresponding frame in this collaborative whiteboard, your team will summarize the class responses to that one question. You can make figures, tables, show images -- whatever you think conveys the data well. You can change the title or format of the slide if you like. 
    • Finally, respond anonymously to the second discussion board prompt for today's class. One response per group is fine here.
Next, we will re-group as a class on Zoom and Professor Schuler will go through each slide, inviting a member of the group to summarize the data they've presented. You may want to select a representative member to do the talking when called on.

Missed live class today?

Here is how to catch up on what you missed and engage asynchronously. 
  • Watch the recorded zoom lecture and let us know what questions or comments you have on the discussion thread.
  • Introduce yourself on the campuswire discussion thread for this assignment. Make sure to include the answer to the seven questions above (task 1 above).