Empathy as a Tool for Equity Webinar: "Take it to the Porch"

Cristina Sandoval
Cristina Sandoval
In the first webinar of the Equity Grounded Counseling: Serving Black Students series,  Selam Gebrekristos and Mercedes Tiggs discussed using empathy as a tool for equity and explained why it is foundational to ground counseling practices in equity to effectively serve Black students at our campuses.

Now we would like to hear from all of you!  Please share thoughts and/ or questions to the following prompts:

  • How might a Black student experiencing empathy in a Counseling space differ from their day-to-day interactions in the world?

  • If a student walked into our physical or virtual spaces, what in the environment shows that they are welcome? unwelcome?

We urge you all to take this important conversation back to your colleges. Check out this
Take it to the Porch guide which includes more guiding questions.