Dec 1

Kristy Lee (New Paltz)
Kristy Lee (New Paltz)
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Notes & Agenda:
1. Updates 
We are all working in-person for most campuses. Alma related config changes after the re-opening this semester. Analytic reports to help and identify potential problems and clean up etc.

Ex Libris international users to form and re-group all consortia users, Kristy shared the email and info with Maggie (for the SLS).

2. Feedback on the ExL Analytics Master Series
This is an excellent training series offered by Ex Libris. We all learn something new and helpful tips and tricks.

3. 2022 meeting schedule discussion
We will continue the monthly meeting, and the same schedule as we have (1st Wed of the month), meeting at 10am on Zoom. Thanks to Maggie for setting up the meeting and calendar invite. Monthly meetings all setup till August 2022. Will re-assess the schedule in August.

We continue as a working group as we first set up and charged.

Our next meeting will be Jan 5th 2022.

Group Homework before January, focus on the Fulfillments area look at other consortia's analytic reports shared in the Community folder, pick some ideas/reports that would be relevant/useful to SUNY consortium or individual campuses. We will look at these ideas/reports together in our January meeting.