Fraser Academy Parent Community FB Group

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April 3, 2020

Fraser Academy Parent Community Facebook Group

Mission Statement

  • Open to all parents, guardians and alumni of Fraser Academy.
  • Create a welcoming community for parents to exchange ideas and information relevant to the Fraser Academy community. 
  • Enrich the all-around Fraser Academy experience.
  • Provide a place for families to give/receive support, information, and ideas to a variety of topics that are relevant to be a member of the Fraser Academy Community. 
  • During the time of Covid-19 physical distancing directives, this is a platform where we can connect families virtually. It allows us to provide an easier way for families to connect via each other - i.e. in Direct Message etc. 
  • It allows us to communicate and get to know families across multiple grades. 
  • Create a repository of resources from family to family. This may include your business or any personal skills you have that may be a resource to another family.  #need #want #offer 
Group Code of Conduct
Our school’s Facebook group allows our community to keep up to date with activities through a medium preferred by many. Our Facebook group is a place where we strengthen our community by building school spirit and connectedness. We ask that our community accentuate the positives and bring to everyone’s attention the little things that make our school community great.  Research tells us that when parents speak about or interact with their school in a positive way, it enhances student connectedness, well-being and ultimately learning outcomes.

COVID-19:   This FB group has primarily been initiated by the FAPC in order to help parents connect during our transition from classroom to digital distance learning. However, we will continue on after we have come out of the pandemic - stronger and more connected. Please refrain from posting, sharing or forwarding information on news, cures, related to COVID - misleading information is rampant and we do not want to fear monger in our group.  This is about supporting each other. 
Fraser Academy expects that our families’ online behaviour reflects the same standards of respect, consideration and maturity that are required when communicating in person.
Our Facebook group is to be a celebration of our school community and we are happy to see people support various posts via a Facebook comment or a “Like” however, we would like to remind all families that our Facebook group in NOT the appropriate forum to be raising personal issues. Matters involving any of our children, parents or staff must not be raised on our Facebook page, they should be directed to the school. We want this environment to be a place where we can celebrate each other successes and bring together a #offer to help structure. If you want to join but are unfamiliar with Facebook groups please reach out to any of the FAPC executive, we will gladly help you. 

  • This group will be conducted in English in alignment with general communications from Fraser Academy.
  • Start your post with a # (hashtag) if possible to help other easily identify the content of the communication:  #offer #needed  - something that makes it easy to see what the post is about.
  • Your personal business: if you have a business you feel could be of benefit to other parents please feel free to indicate what you do. We will come up with a database to consolidate how parents can support parents. 
  • If the company you own or work for directly is hiring, sharing via a link to the job posting. 
  • This is not a sales platform and on-going sales offers, pitches, will discouraged. We ask parents to connect via Direct Message (DM) to engage in more relevant conversations related to business on a one-on-one basis. 
  • Please stick to the mission statement of this Facebook group. Irrelevant content does not belong here. Do not repost, share or circulate non-validated, non-relevant information or spam. No gossip please. 
  •  Being part of this group requires mutual trust. Authentic, expressive discussions.
  • Be kind and courteous. 

By joining the FAPC Facebook group you are agreeing to adhere to this code of conduct.  This Facebook group is private on an invite only basis for any parent or guardian of a Fraser Academy student or Alumni. It is moderated and reserves the right to block users who do not follow the code of conduct.