May 5

Kristy Lee (New Paltz)
Kristy Lee (New Paltz)
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Updates since last meeting 
Maggie worked with ExL on 2 specific reports (running on the NZ):
1) only holding library report; 2) another report to assist weeding decision/procedure - identify other campuses that have the same title, and the local physical item info, i.e. MMSID, Barcode, etc.

Suggestion - these reports might be useful for the SUNY Shared Collection WG. Maggie will check with Esta and share info.

SLC plans to share the LARS reports generating process to all, timely for the LARS reporting coming up soon.

Ex Libris Default Report WG no new update.

Training schedule - a SUNY training schedule plan, that's appropriate and timely, best time of the year to do certain reports for the specific workflow at that time
e.g. LARS, course reserve clean-up, filfillment, etc.

Kristy will create a spreadsheet to collect ideas and examples. Please add your examples. Soft deadline is in two months (by Sept 1).

Other Business
Question: print vs electronic overlap analysis, what's your experience?
SLC libguide and training
Esta has done some of these reports
Alma analytics overlap reports 
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