2021-09-13 Meeting Notes

Marla Gruner (Ulster)
Marla Gruner (Ulster)
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LSP Advisory Board Meeting Notes
Date 9-13-21
Members attending: Marla Gruner (Ulster), Nancy Babb (U. Buffalo), Nicole Colello (U. Buffalo), Fatoma Rad (Farmingdale), Michelle Eichelberger (SUNY SLC), Shannon Pritting (SUNY SLC)
  1. Ex Libris Community Cataloging Initiative
    1. Ex Libris working toward creating a MARC environment similar to WorldCat using records from Alma institutions
    2. Will be released in near future, unclear the exact timeline
    3. Free and included in Alma subscription
    4. Not suggesting any major change or that the rollout will be smooth but OCLC Cataloging costs are substantial across the system 
    5. Maggie discussed this with SMSP Committee. They would like to stick with OCLC as the standard
    6. Should we pursue this or let them develop it without our input? What is the workload for SLS and/or SUNY Libraries?
    7. Trust the expertise of the SMSP Committee. The CZ record quality is poor which does not bode well for an Ex Libris managed Community Catalog.
    8. If/when this does get put into place, interested in putting a group together to test its viability. 
    9. Ask SMSP to analyze this again when it is in production in Alma environments
  2. Access Services WG increase in membership
    1. Motion carries
  3. Discovery Working Group transition to interest group 
    1. Group is exploring strategies to change its charge/name since working group doesn’t really fit
    2. Support and troubleshooting group would be valuable
    3. Group will continue on Basecamp and open things up more for non-group members
    4. Does the board want to ask for anything specific? There is documentation for what a working group is expected to do and be. Does the LSP Board want to create some kind of template/outline to assist 
      1. An official/unofficial charge
      2. Outline of rationale for the group’s existence and their end goals
  4. Next Meeting 
    1. Cancel October meeting
    2. Plan to keep the conversation going offline about the new direction of the Discovery Working Group so we are reading to discuss at our next meeting in November
  • Next Meeting: Monday, November 8, 2021