2021-11-08 LSP Advisory Board Meeting Notes

Marla Gruner (Ulster)
Marla Gruner (Ulster)
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LSP Advisory Board Meeting Notes

Date 11-08-2021

Members attending: Marla Gruner (Ulster), Nancy Babb (U. Buffalo), Nicole Colello (U. Buffalo), Fatoma Rad (Farmingdale), Lauren Jackson-Beck (Potsdam), Michelle Eichelberger (SUNY SLC), Tim Jackson (SUNY SLC)


  • Long overdue items to be billed in Dec. 2021 – 47 items
  • Since March 1 2020 to be billed in Feb. 2022 – 364 items/ in transit 113 items; Tim will be working with campuses on shelf checks to get that number down
  • ELD has been erratic and some SUNY materials were mixed in with CUNY
  • Dec 13 would be allowing campuses to bill, not forcing them. Lending libraries can determine when they bill, what forms of payment, etc. ALA ILL Code states that you need to bill within 1 year so going forward it will be preferable to bill within that time period
  • Training – Tim will provide training for how libraries can bill for RS in Alma the week of Dec. 6
  • Centralized document for types of payment accepted at each campus - Tim will gather the information and find an appropriate medium to share with campuses
  • End user will only receive a bill if their affiliated institution chooses to bill them. All RS billing will be from library to library. 
  • LSP Advisory Board approves new policy. Tim will share the policy at next SLS Update and SLC meeting. SUNYs are still free not to bill each other.
  • Document from Discovery Working Group to LSP Advisory Board
  • Co-chairs will a rollover where co-chair would ask for replacements
  • Invite more people to participate in Basecamp – opens it up to more with a general focus rather than a working group with a specific set of goals/tasks
  • Rely less on SLS and more on crowd-sourcing and discussion
  • Jessica McGiveny is new co-chair of Discovery Interest Group, Nancy rotating off
  • Marla will reach out to Rebecca at SLC about working group transition
3. Vice Chair for LSP Advisory Board needed. 
  • Members will consider and reach out if interested.

Next meeting: Monday, December 13, 2021