Week 11: Moonshot Poster Draft

Katie Schuler
Katie Schuler

Materials from today's class

Moonshot #6 Poster Draft (or The Foundry Phase II)

Last week, you began to bring your idea to life in the Foundry.  Your group created some kind of paper prototype in order to sketch out the details of your idea.  This week, you’ll refine your paper prototype even more and prepare for your group’s final poster on Dec 8.

  1. Refine the “paper prototype” of your solution
  2. Work on your poster

Looking ahead
  • After the break (Dec 3) you’ll submit your poster draft to the Workshop (by adding a view only link to a Google Doc in your blog post).


  1. Make improvements to your paper prototype.  As you’ve been thinking about the prototype for your solution, you’ve probably thought of potential problems or ways to improve your project.  Leverage these thoughts to make improvements to your paper prototype from last week.  
  2. Begin work on your poster. Your assignment this week is to submit a blog post in which you share a public link to your poster draft by class time on Dec. 3.

  • Due Tuesday, December 3 at 10:30am
  • 15 points: poster submitted to workshop ( 0 points if not submitted) - team
  • 10 points: peer evaluation completed (0 points if not submitted) - individual

Poster Guidelines
  • Poster should be 40x30 in portrait or landscape. 
  • Will be scored out of 100 points (75: poster grade; 25 points: peer review score (added to adjust individual group member grades).

Poster Grading Rubric
  • The grading rubric we will use for the poster is available here: Poster Rubric