King’s Church & Racial Justice

Chad Austin
Chad Austin
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From the very beginning of our church our hope and prayer was to be a part of a church that looked like heaven.  We wrote it out specifically in our mission statement that we wanted to see a growing multi-cultural, multi-generational group of people learning what it meant to follow Jesus and live in community together.  In the 3 years we’ve been a church we’ve gotten to see that hope start to form as a reality.  We knew it wouldn’t be easy or automatic.  We haven’t been perfect and are learning constantly. We also know that we hold this value so tightly that we are committed to it for the life of our church, not just a season. 

In this time we are in, our hearts are grieved, we lament at the injustices and the pains we see.  We repent at the times we turned a blind eye or ear to the racism happening before us.  We choose to work hard at responding to see reconciliation take place the way God intends and desires. 

On this page is a start for those who want to join the journey.  It is by no means an exhaustive list, it is just a beginning.  In a time where so many of us feel as individuals, parents, friends, leaders, and Christians, ill-equipped of overwhelmed, we want to give a hand in helping us start somewhere. 
We know for so many in our community this is a time of an array of emotions, from sadness to anger, from confusion to indifference, from disagreement to distrust.  No one man or woman will have all the answers.  This is where we look to Jesus, the author and the finisher of our faith. This is where we read, listen, watch, and discuss, all while relying heavily on the voice of the Holy Spirit within our lives.  We are on mission with one another to see the Kingdom of God become a reality not just in our city, not just in our homes, but first in our hearts. 
We love you. We are with you. 
Grace & Peace