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Our communities: We build and operate

1. New Delhi Business Journal 

A local business media vertical
There is a gap in reporting local businesses and economy. Economies of Delhi and Mumbai are worth more than $300 billion each. 
NDBJ aims to bridge the gap with reporting about issues, which impact local business and economy. 
NDBJ will be one stop shop for collecting information such as ranking, earnings, organization structure etc. for all the local businesses. 
It also aims to build the business community through regular workshops and events. 

  • Online publication
  • Weekly newsletter: RECAP 


An online community for inquisitive minds
The quest for knowledge begins with an inquisitive mind. With this aim in mind we built an online community. It's a go to place for reading interesting things, and engaging with the knowledge. 

  • Online publication for articles and knowledge games. 
  • Online quizzes on social media platforms and applications. 
  • Offline events such as quizzes and workshops. 
  • Newsletters for educators sharing interesting games and in class workshops. 

3. The Kaapi Project

An online community for everything coffee
We started a coffee collective in 2013. We organised coffee workshops. Coffee lovers gathered to learn coffee cupping, coffee tasting and brewing methods. After doing thirty events, it's time to build an online community to reach out to more people. 
We will ask experts to experiment, review and test before writing detailed write ups. We aim to help readers enjoy the most delicious coffees. 

  • Online publication covering brewing methods, recipes and revenues. 
  • Events for the community such as coffee meet ups. 
  • Newsletters about everything coffee and related things. 

Your Community: We help you build & operate

We've also built communities for brands and organizations such as... 
  • WWF India
  • Quaker Oats
  • Goodyear India
  • MP Tourism
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