Shack is a new media firm.
We are experts in building...
- Content hubs. 
- Content programs.  

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Brands and organizations use it for...

1. Campaigns.
2. Outreach.
3. Community.
Our approach: POST

PROJECTS: Content Hubs

1. New Delhi Business Journal

A business journal covering Delhi NCR. 

- Business information. 
- Newsletter & reports.
- Events. 

2.Knowqout: Yahoo India 

An online community for quizzers. 

- Content strategy. 
- Content management.
- Outreach.
- Publishing books for schools. 
- National level quizzing events. 

3. Joy of Journey: Goodyear India

A content hub for raising brand awareness. 

- Audience segmentation. 
- Content strategy. 
- Content management. 
- Go to market. 

PROJECTS: Content Programs

1. WWF India: Wisdom Nuggets

A newsletter program for 15,000 schools. 

2. Research Shack

Audience research. 

- Audience interests. 
- Content ideas. 


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