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IT Specialist (Data Management) position open with the ARS in Beltsville, MD

Dennis Timlin
Dennis Timlin
This is a term time-limited federal government appointment with an initial duration no less than 13 months and can be extended up to a total of 4 years. GS-7/9/11, $50,860 to $94,581 per year

The opening and closing dates are 10/22/2021 to 11/04/2021

you can apply at:
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  • Installs and modifies software for data analysis and programming.
  • Assists with documenting code and testing (through verification and validation) software and databases as assigned by lab scientists.
  • Assists in efforts to manage the source code control revision system for storing and archiving all changes to ACSL software products, documenting its correct use for other programmers and scientists.
  • Assists in setup of new computer equipment, installs and configures scientific software packages, and with archival and retrieval of data from experiments.
  • Works with scientists to develop data sets for crop model simulations.
  • Provides online access to and distributes ACSL software and databases as requested.
  • Assists scientists and technicians at ACSL with computer programming and database questions related to their research.
  • Trouble shoots simple network and computer issues related to scientific computing and interfaces with location IT specialists.
  • Helps set up network access to databases.
  • Assists in developing technical manuals and web pages describing the approach taken in building user interfaces, coding the database, and creating data acquisition software; communicates to others how to use the resulting products.
  • Details the limitations of user interface and data acquisition software as well as the requirements for use.
  • Develops simple electronic forms to record experimental data in server databases.
Contact Dennis Timlin  (dennis.timlin@usda.gov) for more information.