ETP v1.2 RC2 Public

Update: Added C# output classes.  Missing in original posting.

Based on real-world use and testing, ETP v1.2 RC (December 2019) delivered an enhanced design and added features to support existing and new E&P workflows. Significant new capabilities included:
  • More robust data-streaming protocols, which include a “simple streamer” for WITS-like data transfers, and two new streaming protocols—one producer-driven and one consumer-driven—to meet the various demands of real-time operations, including new workflows like auto-startup at the rig site.
  • New protocols and improved design to better support all Energistics data models: WITSML, RESQML and PRODML. While technically ETP v1.1 supported all Energistics data models, ETP v1.2RC now includes: a re-designed shared Discovery protocol; a new companion Dataspaces protocol; and new capabilities such as the DataArray protocol to transfer large, binary arrays of heterogeneous data values (e.g., for RESQML interpretation and modeling data and PRODML DAS data); and the Transaction protocol to ensure successful completion or rollback of a set of related tasks.
  • New query capabilities for Discovery, Store and GrowingObject protocols, which use an OData-like syntax. These advanced query capabilities help support existing and new industry workflows.
ETP v1.2 RC2 includes changes and new functionality to address feedback from the first release candidate, and to support workflows for eventual consistency between data stores.