šŸ“ˆ IRL Summer Updates

With Summer officially over at the IRL, it's time to review what we've done, where we're headed, and the status of the space and our community.

Envoy Data

We had nearly 1,000 total visits logged over Summer (June-August), with 327 of those visits being unique. In total, since implementing Envoy on March 13, we have received 3,047 logged visits and 969 unique visits.

Most Popular Day
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Who's Visiting the Space (individuals)?
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What are People Making?
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Who's Visiting the Space (DPU relationship)?
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Events We Hosted + Things We Did

- Undergrad Admissions Office Event
- Northwestern Lab Tour
- SPR Tour
- Visiting Delegation from Italian Trade Commission
- AR/VR Chicago Event
- Legal Office Workshop
- Egan Office Student Workshop
Ā + Ran a workshop for 30 students in partnership with Egan Office For Urban Education & Community Partnerships
- End of Year Celebration
Ā + Celebrated a completed school year with staff and students from DePaul with food and cake!
- Wabash Lights Meetup
Ā + Hosted a meetup for the group designing the public art installation, Wabash Lights
- MakerEd and Digital Promise STEM Educator Meetup:
Ā + Library makerspace organizers and makerspace developers used the space to network and show off initiatives of their Maker ideas and projects.
- 24 Pakistani Students Screenprinting Workshop
Ā + Students from Pakistan will be visiting Universities around Chicago, and will be doing a T-Shirt screenprinting workshop during their time visiting DePaul. Organized with assistance from the International Admissions Office
- Girls Who Code/Bank of America event
Ā + 20 girls who are participating in the Girls Who Code summer immersion program with Bank of America will be doing a T-Shirt screenprinting and 3D Printing workshop at the IRL

Supported Projects & Groups
- MakerEd, Digital Promise, Maker Promise by hosting their group event
- Printed shirts for DePaul's Data Science Summer Program
- Wabash Lights as mentioned above
- Girls Who Code
- Cosplay Club
- DePaul ENT Fraternity

Space Updates
- Student training completed
- LOTS of cleaning
- Overall Reorganization
+ Reworked storage area
+ Expanded table space in 3D Fabrication room
+ General rework of large floorspace
+ Expanded electronics station table space
+ Dedicated plastic and foam manipulation station
- Construction
+ Build new table for wood workshopĀ 
+ Began work on enclosure for CNC routers to reduce noise
+ 4 new 3D Printers built

What's Coming Up?

In addition to our rolling workshops, tours, and so on, the IRL will also be hosting, joining, and/or facilitating the following.
  • Jay will be speaking on Makerspaces in Higher Education at the IRL on 9/12 from 3-4pm. This is a talk he's given at several other conferences. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/makerspaces-in-higher-education-a-discussion-with-jay-margalus-tickets-49653767756?ref=estw
  • Starting 9/20-10/18. Every Thursday students, faculty, staff, and anyone whoā€™s interested from the general public will be able to come take a free class at the IRL to get their amateur radio license. This is hosted by a local HAM club.
  • Eric Landahl's LSP 111 course every Monday and Wednesday (Exploring Makerspaces in Chicago)
  • Lincoln Park Involvement Fair (9/7)
  • DePaul Loop Involvement Fair (9/6)
  • Coleman Entrepreneurship Center Reception (10/18)
  • Frankenreads Event (10/31)
  • FIRST Robotics FTC Kick-off on Sept. 8 coming up. 100+ Chicago students getting into technology and robotics.
  • FIRST Robotics FTC Meet on 11/3
  • Welcome Back Week at the IRL:Ā 
    • 8/30 make your own keychain (for dorm keys or new apartment)
    • 8/31 make your own pillow case
    • 9/5 make your own DePaul shirt
  • 9/12 IRL Anniversary Party, 4-6pm


Bank of America + Girls Who Code Event
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Other Events and Workshops