Fair Haven Core Team 8/14/22

Betsy Humphrey
Betsy Humphrey
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Welcome and blessing of the meal by Andy Noel

Members present: Catrina Pardo, Linda Padovani, Bob Luton, Andy Noel, Betsy Sutherland, Jay Sutherland, Todd Walstead, Bob Wolfram, Nadia de los Reyes, Morgan Ely, Claudia Seims, Barbara Armstrong, Betsy Humphrey.

Andy Devotional: the great Shemah from The Message

Recap of Summer activity: 

Linda: VBS, with limited resources of volunteers and transportation, transitioned to running through the School, Each day had different bible story with live Peter and Jesus, three crafts each day: one to help them tell the story to family at home.

VBS Three-ways: 1) Cornerstone Family Ministries with their summer children's program. 2) 75 VBS bags taken to apartments. 3) onsite with Day School.

Youth Work Camp: Fair Haven hosted students staying in CLC. Students from Westminster and another church youth group, fashioned after Summit run by Greenbay Student ministry. Catrina's leadership was so valuable. Volunteers prepared breakfast and dinner in the Kitchen. Projects with TRT and at Fair Haven campus. Worship nightly in Fellowship Hall. Fair Haven small pilot group participated with the other churches. 79 youth and adults.

Catrina: Youth Summer Serve & Play, avg 7 weekly, mostly volunteered at food pantry followed by fun activity.

Summer Sunday School- all combined to relieve volunteers for the summer. Hoping to split by age level when school resumes.

In the fall-first Sunday will be a craft lesson followed by Family meal (first Sunday of the month)

Collaboration with Westminster Youth for Galveston day trip.

Catrina resuming school in August, will continue to work.

How do we communicate these activities? Sent in weekly email/newsletter and Catrina has remind.

Sign was out but has been repaired.

Cost to Serve, Andy: began 4 years ago with helping worship communities evaluate their expenses and operate with their means. Fair Haven is a large campus to operate with a small body of worshipers supporting.  Andy presented an analysis of past three years and reviewed current revenue sources. Moving forward, each worship community is asked to break even.

Staff update-Living into managing without onsite facilities/DTK manager, Catrina expressed a need for supervision of her youth ministry efforts. Staff will sit down to evaluate staff needs prior to budget season.

Pastoral Care, Bob: Bubba Weiman passed away. Several members with breaks and sprains. Bob able to make "strategic visits" in person to facilities. 

Fall Kickoff plans: Andy expressed appreciation for guest vocalist in traditional worship for the summer. Choirs and Bell choirs resuming in September. Andy starting a bible study on Wednesdays.

Pastor profile: search committee and transition team working on replacement.
Need someone who will place priority on youth and children's programs. Need someone gifted in administration, school administration, live in the area. Strength in adult ministries, heart for the people, approachable. Spanish speaking, Chapelwood experience, multigenerational congregation, support from Chapelwood. someone who has "grown" something. Church plant mentality. need to facilitate/advocate for volunteers. Where do we want to see ourselves in 10 years: multi-campus community, multi-community. attractive to dayschool parents.

Betsy Sutherland requested we get a list of persons on the search committee so we can be in prayer for them.
Betsy Sutherland closed with prayer.