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To treat any form of pain, you should consider what symptoms you need to combat. In many cases, pain is associated with inflammation, fluid build-up, swelling, stiffness, muscle spasm, and/or a decrease in blood circulation. 

So, when making yourself a remedy for pain relief, you should take into account some of the causes of pain, and endeavor to treat them.

The next consideration when experiencing pain is to determine whether the area requires a hot or cold treatment.

If the problem is stiffness and spasms, then usually a warming remedy should be applied, whereas inflammation and swelling are best treated with a cooling remedy. In either case, increasing circulation is also important for pain relief.

Magnesium is often taken to repair muscles after a strenuous day or after exercising because it reduces lactic acid build-up which allows fresh oxygen to the muscles.
I also consider what herbs and plants I can forage from my own garden and the surrounding area, or what I can purchase locally (and minimize my carbon footprint).

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