ENA Climate Group Social Media Campaign

Peter Soemers
Peter Soemers
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In blogpost "Be part of Europeana Network Association action on climate change” Europeana Network Association Climate Group invites you not only to join this group but also to take part in a social media campaign.

Aim of the campaign
In this campaign we want to call for the fulfilment of the Paris Agreement, to meet UN Sustainable Development Goals and demand immediate climate action from our governments, our institutions and of course from ourselves. We aim at reaching as many cultural heritage professionals and culture lovers as possible. We want to raise awareness that climate change threatens cultural heritage and cultural life if we don’t halt it.

Note about the starting date
We aimed at launching the Campaign on 3 April 2020. But we want to be sensitive for what is going on in the world by major events like the COVID-19 outbreak. We decided to postpone the campaign. We will back to you in better times ... Take care and stay safe!

What will we ask you to do?
  • Post on every social media channel you want
  • Use hashtags #EuropeanaCommunities and #ClimateActionNow in all posts; they will bind everyone's posts together and shape the campaign.
  • Share a picture of yourself, holding a piece of paper/banner with a text expressing your call (-> example 1, example 2 and Greta Thunberg with example 3). Include the following text in your post: “Climate change puts civilisation and its cultural heritage at risk!"
  • If you don’t want to share a picture of yourself (the strongest expression of your commitment) share a picture of cultural heritage threatened by climate change and pollution. Add the text and hashtags mentioned above.
  • No time to get creative in this way? Just tweet/post:
    Climate change puts civilisation and its cultural heritage at risk!
    #EuropeanaCommunities #ClimateActionNow

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  • Invite your friends to be part of the campaign!

If you want to get more creative
  • Post a selfie video instead of a picture, still observing the above recommendations!  Find a how-to guide on YouTube over here.
  • Make a video with your colleagues - if the Covid-19 outbreak allows you to do so! Find some inspiration in this  video by Scientists for Future.

Many thanks and good luck!