2022-06-13 LSP Advisory Board Meeting Notes

Nancy Babb (UBuffalo)
Nancy Babb (UBuffalo)
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LSP Advisory Board Meeting Notes
Date 6-13-2022
Members attending:  Marla Gruner (Ulster), Nancy Babb (U. Buffalo), Lauren Jackson-Beck (Potsdam), Michelle Eichelberger (SUNY Library Services), Nickie Colello (U. Buffalo)

Discussion items

1. Review terms of current LSP Advisory Board members
Two of the Board's current members began service in 2019 (Marla; Nickie) and three began service in 2020 (Fatoma, Lauren, Nancy). Marla's service will conclude at the end of June.
The group agreed that before members can make a decision on extending a service commitment, and before a call can be put out for new members, we need to determine if the Board will be continuing, and in what direction.

2. Future of LSP Advisory Board
The Board was initially formed to support Alma/Primo VE migration and implementation, then its charge was revised to providing perspective on LSP management and shared activities. Do SLC/SLS want the Board to continue, and if so is the current charge of the Board is still valid?
Some specific questions that have been raised include:
  • A primary focus of the Board has been to review ideas from SLS or the working groups prior to their submission to SLC for approval -- is this review prior to SLC submission still wanted? 
  • Is SLC still in need of an advisory board to vet ideas or provide other support (with working groups, other projects, etc.)?
  • Is there enough volume of work to keep this group relevant? 
TO DO:  As incoming chair, Nancy will contact Shannon and incoming SLC Board Chair, Brian Sullivan, asking the questions noted above.