Primer :


An online store enabling retail business buyers to directly procure their produce needs from respective sourcing regions. In addendum, enable the produce region suppliers/traders to sell to consumption markets directly.

Store : 

We are currently starting with only two commodities:
  1. Potato : From the Agra belt of UttarPradesh, WestBengal and MadhyaPradesh. 
  2. Onion : Nasikh Region of Maharashtra and  Northern Karnataka. 

Reach : 

The consumption regions are always requisite of constant demand, these are also the markets that value standardised produce. 

  • Mumbai
  • Chennai 
  • Bangalore 
  • Hyderabad 
These are the cities where we start. Our Delivery also includes the delivery to the respective facilities of the buyer or supplier within these cities. 

Value Proposition : 

  • First, we give a consolidated quote for 1 kg (min. order quantity in few M.tonnes) lot which satisfies all the buyer's needs with respect to their produce requirement. ( Packaging, grading, re-packaging, transport,.. )
  • Second, they are in purview of their produce all along the supply chain with a provision of proof of work through our product. 
  • Third, we are opening the access to standardised produce at the sourcing region for better realisation of price at the first tier.
  • Fourth, by using digital means to aggregate buyers, we are looking to streamline and standardised the demand flow between sourcing and consumption regions. 

Schematic Representation of Value: 

If you take a look at above👆🏽 transitional schematics , the one on the right 👉🏽 is what we are striving for through

In order to achieve this, we are looking for efficient logistics. Double edge sword situation, logistics is in-efficient because of irregularity of demand. Right in the middle is where we sit to have a solution bringing some semblance of balance for this problem. 

Vision is all rosy, how about actuals :

We hear you, let us : 
  1. The produce is currently transported on the wholesaler/trader at the production regions behalf to the consumption mandi(s). 
  2. Being produce, no taxation is in purview. 99% of it also transports through trucks. 
  3. We want to shift this to a containerised cargo, first. Container travels either through rail or road depending upon the need of the buyer or supplier. Containerisation though adding costs but reduces the damages during transportation of the produce. 
  4. Our aggregation prowess helps accumulate full loads for TEU's ( Containers) to make the transport feasible and efficient both at the same time. 

Summing it all up:

Digital technology and its rapid adoption across regions has been a phenomenal boom for internet companies like ours. We are in the business of ascertain product, aggregate demand and activate trade

We are looking to leverage this digital access technology to extend the backward and forward linkages in produce markets through efficient logistics to add value to actual producers and buyers without disrupting anyting. 

Vivek V S Vivek