Goal 1: Build competency of management and staff to create and sustain mental and physical health and safety in the workplace.

Source and Deliver Mental Health First Aid Training for All Staff
Research strategies to identify and mitigate mental health issues  associated with community based workplace realities - create presentation and train staff
Convene Joint Health Safety Committee - Develop 2021 Workplan
Complete Joint Health and Safety Committee Training

Goal 2: Implement a staff team building, performance management and recognition program.

Develop Policy Binder complete with standard operating procedures, charts and templates
Plan and implement All Staff and Management Retreat
Conduct Annual Performance Evaluation with All Staff
Conduct staff satisfaction survey
Conduct ED 360 Performance Evaluation
Organize Summer Picnic 
Support United Way Fundraiser 
Implement new project management software

Goal 3: Implement TCBN strategic planning process to determine the coalition's next 3-to-5-year vision, mission, values, goals and objectives.

Initiate strategic planning process with the Board
Initiate strategic planning process with staff
Launch strategic planning process at the Annual General Meeting to the public
Conduct strategic planning process with stakeholders
Announce and disseminate the strategic plan to all constituents
Organize and deliver Board Orientation