About Sambo Academy

Arturas Pranckevicius
Arturas Pranckevicius

Sambo Wrestling/Combat Sambo/MMA/Self-Defense

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Sambo Academy Ireland  is one of the very few clubs in Ireland which practice the art of Combat Sambo.
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Sambo is a Russian Martial Art, which stands for self-defense without a weapon, and isa mix between judo, jiu jitsu, kickboxing and another 10 martial art styles.
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Based in Dublin, our Academy is home to more than 100 members including women and children, and continues to grow rapidly. Our vision is to promote Friendship, Safety and Sambo culture.
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We offer a variety of classes and our doors are open almost every day of the week. To keep our Academy as inclusive as possible, we keep the membership fees low and have special family deals while maintaining the gym ourselves.
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Our aim is to teach Discipline, Camaraderie and Self-defense while providing  friendly competition through sport.