Week 4: Big Question Pitch

Katie Schuler
Katie Schuler

Materials from today's class:

In-class activity: Big Question Pitch!

Moonshot teams will pitch their big questions and the class will evaluate whether their question or problem qualifies as moonshot material.

  • You'll get into a breakout room with your moonshot group
  • You'll watch each team's video and provide feedback on the forms below
  • You can provide feedback as a group (submit one form per breakout room is fine)
Moonshot Pitches (and feedback forms):
If everyone in your breakout room is in the same moonshot group, you can skip your own team. Otherwise you should watch and give feedback on all 9 moonshots!
  1. Dis order and dat order
  2. Pop Signers
  3. The Plastics
  4. Bilingualism Gang
  5. The Words
  6. Sopht Music
  7. Phonetic Fanatics
  8. Acquisition Ladies
  9. Psych Squad
We will spend at most 7 minutes on each group. That's two minutes to watch the video and five minutes to discuss and give feedback via the form. We will send a message to let you know when it is time to move to the next group.

The more you know!

Help us all learn to use more welcoming and inclusive language when we talk about issues or groups. Use this form to educate us!

Missed live class today?

You can participate asynchronously by watching the videos on your own and filling out the feedback form for each group.