Sustaining Work Group Conference (2022-23): Keynote - Whole class teaching and differentiation

Martin Tillbrook
Martin Tillbrook
Whole class teaching and differentiation
(Debbie Morgan)
Thursday 30th March 2023

As part of our Primary Teaching for Mastery: Online Conference, Debbie presented on her current thinking on differentiation.

How are we defining differentiation?  Are we still subtly planning tasks or questions for certain groups of children or individuals?  Planning lessons that are accessible to all children is a key principle of whole class teaching in a Mastery context.  By identifying a relevant starting point and building from it – through scaffolding and breaking down the mathematics – all children can make connections to previous learning and be successful. 

Please find attached a copy of the presentation:
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"It was a hugely useful reminder of the principles of maths mastery. As a headteacher it will give me a renewed focus during observations. I feel much clearer on adaptive teaching within the mastery approach."