Infectious Marketing: Blogging and Keyword Strategy

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In this webinar, Heidi and I will discuss how to capitalise on your blog or start one if you are new to blogging.

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Heidi Chamberlain-Jones Founder and MD
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Blogging for Business
  • Some people perceive blogs as being a genteel diary of their life, interest, travels, but they can be a powerful business tool.
  • A great blog will really elevate your online presence.
  • Blogs help you to engage with an audience.
  • A blog can make you a ‘Thought Leader’ – a Go-To source for specific information and expertise.
  • Ultimately this attracts business leads.
  • Blogs give you valuable content to help drive traffic to your website and keep it
  • Google loves ‘organic’ web traffic

Where to start
Choosing your topics
  • What does your audience want to know?
  • People Google questions – they’ll find your blog
  • What do you want to be known for?
  • Solve problems, present new ideas and solutions, maker your topic very specific not general.

Don’t ‘sell’ ...CHAT
  • Have a conversation with your reader.
  • Google likes ‘natural’ content
  • Keep it relevant to your industry.
  • Business doesn’t have to mean stiff, stay on topic.

"Your blog is a honeypot, not a megaphone. Make a point to position your content around what your audience wants to discover, not what you want to tell them."
Amanda Sellers, HubSpot's Historical Optimization Writer

Give your Blog a specific title
  • People look for specific not broad Google likes specific
  • It’s easier to stay on-topic
  • Google likes relevant
  • You’ll digress and lose your reader if you are too general

People don’t read, they scan ... make your piece compelling and engaging

What makes it Good?
How long should it be?
  • No less than 300 words or a side of A4 in 12pt
  • Google likes well-written content

Don’t make your intro too long
  • Get to the point or readers will bounce off
  • Google doesn’t like lots of bounces
  • Include some good quality images that tell your story further
  • Label them well as another source for finding your Blog

Reference your other Blogs (if relevant)
  • Add links to them
  • This gives your blog authority and keeps readers on your site

Make it credible
  • With stats and facts (remember to state your source) Readers value numbers
  • Or experiential examples

Give your readers something to take away
  • Something real they can do right away
  • This empowers people and makes them FEEL positive about you
  • They will leave a positive review ... and they’ll return

What makes it Work
Keywords & SEO
  • Keep finding different ways of repeating your topic throughout your Blog
  • When people Google a subject they’ll do it in different ways and you’ll have more chance of them finding you

Proof you work
  • Google penalises spelling mistakes and your readers will notice
  • You’ll lose credibility with Google and your audience and they won’t return Sleep on it and read it through again and amend before posting
  • Get someone else to proof it

Get it seen and use it
  • Promote it
  • Put links to it on your social media, as content in your e-newsletter, upload independent blogs to sites like HubSpot or Reddit.

Ask for sign-ups
  • This is a CTA to capture returning readers Google will rank your website more highly if people keep returning to it.
  • Returning/committed readers are more likely to become customers.

What to blog about
Think about who is reading and why – what do they want from your blog? Who do you want to attract?

  • A-Day-In-The-Life
  • Your interior design
  • projects
  • Top 10 things to do in your local area
  • Your interesting guests
  • Hygiene tips and hints
  • An inspector calls

Food & Drink Producers and Restaurants
  • Recipes
  • Your back-story
  • Your local suppliers
  • Behind the scenes
  • Meet the team
  • Things you’ve learned

Attractions & Activities
  • How to get the best from a visit
  • Covid safety measures & facilities
  • Gardens: About the different plants
  • History and heritage
  • Behind the scenes
  • In depth special interest

Do they want to learn practical stuff? Are you feeding a passion? They need inspiration? Simply enjoy your tales?

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Ben Kinnaird
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1. Understand Customers
2. Engage with Customers*
3. Convert Customers

*Focus area for this presentation

Great content can provide an insight into you and your business, and provide credibility that you know your stuff.
  • Aim to help people
  • Ask for action - Click, Signup, Find out more

Content Types

  • How to file VAT return
  • How to plan your business cashflow
  • How should I price my services?

  • What does Auto Enrolment mean for me?
  • What is IR35 and how will I know if it affects me?

(do less of this)
  • Do I need an accountant?
  • Benefits of cloud accounting with Xero

Content ideas
  • Help someone - Hints and tips
  • Questions you get asked a lot - FAQ
  • Misconceptions people have of your industry
  • Insider info / secrets
  • Mistakes people make and how to avoid them
  • Things you wish more of your clients knew
  • Provide insight into you and your business
  • Customer interviews and case studies - Testimonials
  • Benefits of your product - What makes you different?

  • List relevant topics you want to write about
  • Research competition. What titles do they use?
  • Can you add value?
  • Is the content desirable and sharable?
  • Find keywords with Google Keyword Planner
  • Or check out the related searches on Google

  • Write the headline and description first
  • Outline key points. May become headings
  • Write the conclusion at the beginning Write for your best customer
  • Make the content remarkable
  • Ask for action: Download, Signup, Find out more

  • Add keywords to Title tag, Meta, URL and Heading
  • Keyword variations in the content
  • Make description compelling
  • Mixed content: text, video, lists, FAQs, images
  • Link out to a landing page on your site
  • Use Yoast on WordPress site

“If you create a page on a keyword that is 10x better than the pages being shown in search results (for that keyword), Google will reward you for it, and better yet, you’ll naturally get people linking to it!”

Refine content on each page to best enable a visitor to achieve their objective.

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