Infectious Marketing: Get Local with Facebook and Google My business

Ben Kinnaird
Ben Kinnaird
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In this webinar, Heidi and Ben focus on how you can use Facebook and Google My Business to make sure you are all set to attract local customers as the lockdown eases and people start to look for local services again.

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How will people find my page?
How do I reach a local Facebook audience?
My Business page won’t talk to private pages

The Basics                
  • Set your page up fully with all your location and contact details
  • Give your page name a clear identity inc location if that’s important
  • Complete the about section properly inc keywords and search terms that you want to be found for eg 'riverside camping in hereford'
  • Complete your story section in the same way, but remember this is a different description to your about.
  • Invite your local ‘friends’ from your personal page to like/follow your business page. And enlist them to support you by asking their local friends to follow it too ... that’s what friends are for.

'Spoon feed your customers'

Post About Local Things
Local people love ...
  • Stuff about their local area – a beautiful sunrise as you got up for work, a pretty landmark you pass every day, the sound of the first Herefordshire cuckoo ....
  • Build that ‘local’ narrative
  • Show them ‘behind the scenes’
  • Show them how to use what you do
  • Be creative
  • Make an emotional connection
  • Make them smile

Don’t just post about your business
Think of 3 pictures and posts to do that now

Follow other local business pages and engage with their pages and posts

It’s not all about what you post – it’s ‘social media’, so be sociable. 

  • Say something generous about their post (aren’t you lovely for doing that)
  • Their local followers will see your business name and might follow you (because
  • you are a nice company, you like the business they like and you are also local)
  • DON’T comment with something salesy that looks like you’re hijacking their post, like ‘follow us too – if you like this page you’ll love ours’!!!!

Locally targeted incentives
  • Run regular competitions and make it very Herefordshire centric so that it appeals mostly to locals (NB Facebook rules – no requests to tag or share)
  • Offer an incentive to HR postcodes to use you (to support local)
  • Run adverts targeting the local geography and specific demographics
  • Find local Facebook Groups, join and post into those (you can join as your page)
  •  Ask for Facebook reviews – when people order from you, signpost them to your FB page to leave a great review, or if someone comments positively on a post, ask them to leave a FB review.

Hashtags and how to use them
HASHTAGS are ‘search terms’ ‘topics’ ... signposts to posts of relevance

If your posts are about camping in Herefordshire include #camping #Herefordshire #riverside at the end of your post. Max of 5 tags.

Your posts will show up when people search using those tags

Posting For Local Audience
  • Promote a change of scenery ‘you CAN have a holiday’
  • A STAYCATION, minimoon, luxury weekend, not much travelling
  • SUGGEST BEING WAITED ON - cooked breakfast, no housework, no gardening
  • WIN A STAY - competition
  • #hereford #staycation #lovelocal

Food & Drink Producers and Restaurants
  • WINAMEAL– competition
  • Your back-story
  • Your local suppliers
  • Behind the scenes
  • Meet the team
  • Promote ordering / booking requirements
  • #shoplocal #eatlocal

Attractions & Activities
  • Keep repeating opening times
  • Promote Covid safety measures & facilities
  • Shout family days out
  • How you can be an educational experience (for those not back to school).
  • Behind the scenes
  • #discoveryourdoorstep #visitengland

EVERYONE Respond to comments and messages

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1. Understand Customers
2. Engage with Customers*
3. Convert Customers*

*Focus areas for this presentation

Why use Google My Business (GMB)
  • Great for local SEO
  • More visibility when people search
  • Collect reviews
  • Control of your map listing

Get found
  • Best visibility in Local pack
  • Knowledge panel with key details
  • Small factor (<9%) in regular SEO

Review your GMB Profile
  • Title - Company name plus keywords
  • Categories - Help ranking. The first category is the most important
  • Location - Check map pin correct or add service areas
  • Phone number - Can be a different tracking number
  • Links - Web, Appointment. Add UTM tracking codes
  • Description - Show what you can do and how you help

Add photos and videos
  • Anything that showcases your business Business logo, cover image, etc
  • Your team in action, around the office, etc
  • A welcome video or tour of the store
  • Owner, employee or customers interviews Answer FAQs

Add offers and events
  • Share offers, sales or coupons
  • What’s New - 7 day limit, 1000 words
  • Events you are hosting or supporting

Ask for reviews
  • Get feedback
  • Social Proof
  • Encourage referrals - #1 lead source

‘If you were to recommend us to a friend, what would you say?’
Ask after a successful sale

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