AWG meeting 1/9/19

Wendi Ackerman
Wendi Ackerman
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The NZ data sharing agreement is posted, Wendi will look into whether the old version applies or if the new one is needed.  For clarification, there is no need to put an institution one on the form, we will just be using the NZ data.

The Alma trainings recommended that we not try to duplicate reports from Aleph in Alma, which is what we were working on.  The group will select some of the fulfillment and physical items reports (Per the ExLibris webinar on Monday, the three most popular reporting areas are fulfillment, physical items, and user activity) to duplicate for examples in training, rather than duplicate all of those on our list.  

Kathy has run into questions about the industry standard reports, withdrawn items are included in her results.  We will start a document or message board to do more testing on those reports with the goal of creating a list of tips for other users of those reports.