TMS 0.2.1.vmod

Games started in TMS 0.2 can be updated to TMS 0.2.1. Remember to "Refresh Counters".

Here is a change list from the TiTE Player Help -

  • Charts have been updated - Air Combat, Naval Missions, Build Costs.
  • Mats have been updated - Air Units Display, Morale Mat, Allied OOB.
  • If you update a game saved from TMS 0.2, you may have to adjust a few counters on the Allied OOB from Feb-Apr 1943.
  • The Home Objective morale markers have been replaced with Red Objective and White Objective markers.
  • The Downed aircraft marker has been added to the Missions tab in the Markers window.
  • Greek MS 4 is included in the game. In Hollow Legions, it's on the Greek Change Box display. In the other scenarios, check the Allied Force Pool. For games you've updated from TMS 0.2, check the bottom of the stack of blank counters in the Removed Pieces window.
  • Adding an OOS icon to a unit via rt-click/hotkey will delete an existing Isolated icon and vice verse. In other words, it now works the same as in TiTE 1.1.
  • Pilot Training markers can be Clone-d and Delete-d.
  • In Hollow Legions, on the ECON map, Hungary's lone box is marked as Axis Controlled [Hungary is Limited Axis].
  • The Teleport to Turkey hidden key is implemented. This is the same as Teleport to Sweden in TiTE. See If You Can't Find a Unit...
  • Fixed broken links in this document.