TMS v0.32.vmod

Remember to "Refresh Counters".

Here is TMS 0.3. I'll post a change list afterward. It has scenarios 0-War, 1-Hollow Legions, 2-Balkan Thunderbolt, 5-Fall of Tobruk, and 8-Race for Tunis.

The latter two are last-minute additions that I didn't have time to vet beyond setup. They were chosen because they are easy playthroughs as mini-campaigns, that is 5-FoT, 6-Aide and 7-El Alamein take you through the whole Alamein campaign. 8-RfT flows into 9-Rommel at Bay nicely as a Tunisia mini-campaign.

Module version 0.3 has some extensive changes from version 0.2.1. Games from prior versions are not compatible.
  • The module has been brought up to date with the changes to the game components since 0.2.1. There are too many to enumerate here.
  • Many of the UI improvements in the TiTE Update Kit module have been brought over, including map-shading by HQs, Major Ports and Supply Centers, the +/- numeric keypad keys, the "AFB" marker window, etc.
  • For Combined Game play, this version is roughly concurrent with the TiTE Update Kit module version 0.4.
  • The Current Events window is replaced by an Event History window, similar to the Past Events window in TiTE-U.
  • The NOPs marker now has a command to directly enter its value (1 - 28).
  • This is a rapidly-developed, pre-CSWE release, and includes only scenarios WAR!, Hollow Legions and Balkan Thunderbolt. The others are not expected to be vetted until after CSWE.