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Job Opening: Assistant Ranch Manager, Archbold’s Buck Island Ranch

Betsey Boughton
Betsey Boughton
Assistant Ranch Manager, Archbold’s Buck Island Ranch

Archbold www.archbold-station.org  is seeking a skilled and experienced Assistant Ranch Manager. This is a long-term, ongoing position with a competitive salary, housing, and excellent benefits. Applications to be received by February 7th 2022. Preferred start date is March 2022 but there can be flexibility for the right candidate.

Position serves as Assistant Ranch Manager for Archbold’s 10,500-acre Buck Island Ranch (a full-scale 2,800 head commercial cow calf operation managed as a platform for environmental research) and at the Archbold Reserve (a 3,500 acre land restoration site with cattle grazing and environmental monitoring).

Position includes: supervising operations staff; oversee day to day cattle (cow calf) operations; oversight of land management including pastures and woods; maintenance of ranch infrastructure, equipment operation, maintenance and repair; coordination of operations data for research; liaison and coordination with research staff and interns, and visiting scientists; coordination with vendors and contractors; and interaction with other industry, educational and Archbold visitors to the Ranch.


Position Reports to the Ranch Manager, who has overall responsibility for ranch management, outreach, and external relationships, while the Assistant Ranch Manager is responsible for implementing day to day operations, making independent decisions as needed without direct oversight, and serving as staff person in command when the Ranch Manager is not on site, or not available.


The successful candidate will have highly competent ranch management skills and experience, preferably in Florida or southeastern grasslands, and combine this with a commitment to the agroecology research, education, and conservation mission of Archbold, operating a working ranch while contributing towards the management of Buck Island Ranch and the Archbold Reserve as a world-renowned natural laboratory. See two documentaries about Archbold’s Buck Island Ranch: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6_WhY3aZB0 , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGV_G6dnYHg )


More details of this position and application information at https://www.archbold-station.org/html/aboutus/employ.cfm