✨ How to become successful at Qubitica

Many new members ask how they can find work here and how they can earn QBIT.

As these questions are right, they do not target what Qubitica can do best.

Qubitica is a community of people and companies who co-operate as their primary goal. We try to help an individual to set up his own business and have work for the long term.

A member gets access to many free services, like access to basecamp.com, also for his personal projects. Same with web servers and software. But the main advantage is that other people will help him by setting up all these things and there will be no tasks where he does not get any support. Automatically his problems are solved by the community, and he has the power of a real team behind his product. This does include not only technical questions. We help people with finding projects he can join, funding or legal aspects. 

What he has to give is working co-operative in the same way. All the knowledge he collected and his personal expertise should be offered to other team members, too. Out of this, many new projects, start-ups, and jobs are created, and work is characterized by entrepreneurship and self-determination.

Of course, members can work in teams and projects for QBIT or cash, but without understanding this concept, they will let many chances go. If you just want a job, it's better to use one of these freelancer portals, where you get a fixed amount for a job that you are expert in.

Again, you can work like this here, too, but this should only be part of your job. You also have to ask for projects and show that you are qualified.

Qubitica itself is initiating many projects you can apply for. But also many independent teams and projects are looking for help. The payment can be QBIT, cash, equity or co-operation. You have to deal for yourself and find the spots, e.g., by talking to people at the various basecamp.com campfires.

How does Qubitica earn money?

We invest in many ideas of our members. By giving investment, team power, and many things more we hold equity in many projects. Also, we build our solutions that generate earnings, especially in Fintech. General costs are low for Qubitica itself. We pay for results, not the time anybody needs and of course we ask our members also for co-operative work regarding building this community. Qubitica is not funded by selling the QBIT token. The QBIT is a membership ticket and a currency to value projects.

If you are able to administrate the web servers for many members, it's possible that Qubitica will make you to the admin of all web servers for a region. This is a Qubitica task, and it's possible that we arrange that you get a certain amount of QBIT every month. Even some QBIT extra that you may give to people who help you.

That's a summary of the principles of Qubitica. Later people are expert on how to communicate here, pick the things they need and explore many more options.

Good advice for new developer is to set up a member page at


or even build your own website at the Qubitica servers with tools everybody uses. You can invite people for help, and everybody can see where you have skills and what you are offering. Communication and ideas will come automatically like you would build a start-up with friends.

Daniel Takriti Daniel