Infectious Marketing: Mailchimp and Email Strategy

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In this webinar, Heidi and I will share tips Mailchimp and putting together an email strategy.

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Heidi Chamberlain-Jones Founder and MD
Publisher of The Ultimate guide book series of visitor guides
Business Development Consultancy
Training, Coaching, Agency in Marketing, Sales, Leadership & Management

We do all these things, for the county AND for you...

Taking the ‘Eee’ out of e-marketing

Heidi’s Helpful Hints – one great tip makes it worth it
  • What is email marketing
  • Should you be doing it
  • How to develop an effective database Retaining and growing subscribers What content to include
  • Avoiding Spam filters
  • How often to reach out
  • Using Reports to gain customers

What is email marketing?
Connecting with interested customers who’ve committed to hearing from you and turning them into repeat buyers.

Should you be 
If people have signed-up/agreed to receive your comms, they WANT to hear from you.

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • Who are your customers?
  • What do customers want from you?
  • What do you want from them?
  • What do you want your communications to say about your business/you?

What’s your strategy?
  • How do i get people’s addresses?
  • Subscribers must opt in
  • Make it easy – keep sign-up simple
  • Promote the sign-up - website, email footer etc
  • Integrate with your other online platforms
  • Run an incentive
  • Leave them wanting more... 

Retaining subscribers
Categorise them – segments, groups, lists

LISTS: Different sectors of customer eg geographically, age group, members v non etc – relevant to your business

GROUPS: Further breakdown of that List

SEGMENTS: Even more analytical

This means your emails can contain content specifically relevant to those subscribers
Give them List options to join when signing up
Stay in regular comms

X This dross isn’t relevant to me
X They’re constantly trying to sell to me
X I’m sick of these every day

What do I put in it?
  • Branding Regular features
  • Choose your colour palette
  • Choose a template that will enable flexibility for content

  • Keep industry jargon to a minimum
  • Less is more – do bite- • Choose your colour sized items (total under 500 characters)
  • Have links to extended article
  • Give useful info without constantly ‘selling’

  • Include great pictures/ images
  • Visually appealing
  • ‘Real’ images
  • Not too many – triggers spam filters

Put a Call To Action (CTA) whenever you want people to DO something

  • A-Day-In-The-Life
  • Your interior design projects
  • Things to do in your local area
  • Your interesting guests
  • Hygiene tips and hints – Covid
  • safety measures
  • An inspector calls
  • Special offers

Food & Drink Producers and Restaurants
  • Recipes
  • Your back-story
  • Your local suppliers
  • Behind the scenes
  • Meet the team
  • Things you’ve learned • New menus and offers

Attractions & Activities
  • How to get the best from a visit Covid safety measures & facilities
  • Gardens: About the different plants
  • History and heritage – ‘Did you Know’
  • Behind the scenes
  • In depth special interest
  • Events and special offers

Do they want to learn practical stuff? Are you feeding a passion? They need inspiration? Simply enjoy your tales?

How often?
Create a schedule timing and themes

Going into spam/junk
50 characters, check for spam words, avoid more than 2 or repeated punctuation marks. And it has to be relevant to content – no tricking

TRIGGER WORDS – There are 100s!!
Just Google ‘spam words to avoid in email marketing’

Keep to a max of 2 colours – Red is a No No!

Make it eg instead of

Don’t add them, host them on a reputable portal and add a link to them

Be Strategic
Have a plan – keep notes for content
Target your campaigns – Timing, content etc
Create different recipient lists Don’t put too much in
Signpost them (with a click link) to more info
Promote sharing (gains more subscribers)
Make it easy for yourself

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Ben Kinnaird
Supported with over 500 businesses to do better in business
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Love working with people to help them be more effective

1. Understand Customers
2. Engage with Customers*
3. Convert Customers

*Focus area for this presentation

Ben’s Bulletproof Content Strategy
CREATE remarkable content
  • Interview
  • Idea
  • Tip

PUBLISH consistently
  • Upload / Stream
  • Blog post
  • Podcast

SHARE with fans
  • Social share
  • Email newsletter
  • Collaborate x10

  • Set a goal - e.g. More leads
  • How will emails be collected?
  • Send only to those who want/need it
  • Aim to create an unmissable email
  • Make it easy to unsubscribe
  • Make it clear why you are contacting them Send consistently

Types of email
Regular newsletter
Email update sent on a regular schedule to a single subscriber list.

Targeted campaign
Focused on a product/customer combination.

Response / Drip feed
Sent in response to an user action such as a form fill.

  • Personalise. Use first name. Can help inbox visibility
  • Interesting or challenging subject line
  • Create an email they will want to open
  • Link to a video. Include a still or animated GIF
  • Images or video with people get more clicks
  • Include a call to action
  • Link out to your website
  • Include a phone number
  • Draw people to the action

  • Measure results. Did you get more leads?
  • Compare over last 3 sends
  • Test different subject lines or content to find out what works best. Don’t change too much

Selmach Case study
Click rate improved (14% to 30%) when headline image included a person.
Even better with an Animated GIF.

Witley Jones Case study
Click rate improved when articles were people focused

Other good stuff
Get Animated
Convert short video clips into animations for your email Giphy GIFmaker
Send to the Inbox NOT the SPAM folder
  • Check your email looks legit
  • Use a real sending email address
  • Don’t use spammy words
  • Get authenticated. Add SPF and DKIM records
The Magic Email
100% response rate!
Since I have not heard from you on this, I have to assume your priorities have changed.

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