Prototype Screens & Description

Diana is one of many nutritionists in Switzerland helping people to loose weight, increase fitness and improve health through individual meal plans and continuous feedback. 
Her main channel of communication with her patients is WhatsApp. 
By analyzing her messaging history and conducting interviews, we realized that important information is spread across different channels, redundant and unorganized. 

To increase the efficiency of Diana and raise the quality of her work, we propose an online system to collect and share information between nutritionist and patient. The key features of the system revolve around communication between patient and nutritionist and organizing all information for each client in a cohesive and accessible way. We build automation for tasks that are not emotionally charged like scheduling appointments, classifying products for allergies/intolerances in order for Diana to focus on the personal interaction and communication with the patient during hard times. 

In the future we can use the information collected between nutritionist and patient, combine it with open data available for food and products and further increase the information flow between nutritionist and patient and improve the general quality of information in this space. 


In this Document we want to show one possible user journey within the app. In this scenario the Nutritionist (called Diana) gets contacted by her new patient (called Johanna) by phone. Diana proceeds to create a new patient profile– all of the next steps within the journey are documented below.

1. Diana adds a new patient to the system
After getting contacted by Johanna, Diana creates a new patient profile within the app.
In addition to all of the basic information, Diana adds some medical notes which Johanna mentioned during the initial phone call. After that she adds a personal welcome message for Johanna, proceeds to schedule an appointment using the built-in calendar system.
Adding a new Patient View full-size Download

2. Johanna receives a welcome email
Once added, the system sends an automatically generated email to the new patient (in this case Johanna). This email contains basic information, a calendar invitation and a call to action to create her profile on the Food on Record network.
Welcome E-Mail from Diana View full-size Download

3. Johanna signs up to the Network
In this steps Joana completes her profile with basic attributes, medical history and personal preferences. This provides Diana a basic guidance on how to proceed with her treatment and to efficiently develop a sustainable meal plan.  This happens on her Desktop or Mobile web-browser.

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Step 1 - Basic Information View full-size Download

Step 2 - Sickness and alergies View full-size Download

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Step 4 - Registration completed View full-size Download

Johanna's Home Screen
This is the main screen that Johanna sees when she logs into the mobile application where she can immediately see her next appointment and upcoming meal. Moreover, she can access her meal plan, resources, her correspodence with Diana, and log her food journey.
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Diana's Home Screen
This is the main screen that Diana sees when she logs into the web-based application. From there she can create new patients (exp. Johanna), see and answer questions that patients have asked and can schedule appointments.

Dianas Home Screen View full-size Download

Diana can easily access patient messages and notifications. View full-size Download

Diana can easily answer patient questions. View full-size Download

Diana can easily access her patients' profiles including their individual records where she can upload meal plans, relevant documents, and answer questions.

Johanna's profile from Diana's view View full-size Download

Diana can access Johanna's records. View full-size Download

Diana can upload documents to Johanna's profile. View full-size Download

Diana can easily access Johanna's questions and answer them. View full-size Download

Johanna's Home Screen
When Diana updates a meal or document that concerns Johanna, she will be notified.
Johanna can see her next appointment, upcoming meal and timeline, and make adjustments if necessary. View full-size Download

Johanna's Questions
Johanna can write in specific question or can use the "Can I eat this?" tool to quickly get answers for food related questions.
Johanna's inbox View full-size Download

Step 1: Can I eat this? View full-size Download

Step 2: Scan View full-size Download

Step 3.1: Answer View full-size Download

Step 3.2: When answer is not clear through automation, Diana gets notified to answer personally. View full-size Download

Question page View full-size Download

Johanna logging food
Johanna can log the meals she eats using the tracking tool where she can write in meals she had and/or take a picture of. Furthermore, She can not only indicate her satisfaction with the meal with a simple touch, but also put in some notes when necessary.

Johanna tracking food View full-size Download

Johanna's Meal Plan

Johanna has access to a dynamic meal plan which shows her daily plans and can be edited. She can also directly create a shopping list using the plans.

Johanna's meal plan View full-size Download

Johanna can automatically compile a shopping list. View full-size Download

Johanna's Resources
Diana can upload and recommend relevant information concerning Johanna diet which she can access through the app.
Johanna's resources and recommendations. View full-size Download