Viktor Funch Beck
Viktor Funch Beck
  • Viktor is Chairman/moderator
  • Viktor is Minute-taker (me)
  • Viktor is Vote counter (me)

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Annual report:
  • It's being winged
  • We started a year ago (6 people), before there were 2.
  • Nice to see that there is a lot of engagement.
  • People dropping off and some coming in - that's how it is at a university
  • Now people are getting paid to be here, so hopefully that will make it more stable
  • Reduced amount of ECTS
  • Refunding doctors notes
  • Record election
  • Info breakfasts
  • Strong foundation for organizations at ITU
  • New website that will support everything
  • In summary - a lot more organized, especially in the finance
Presentation of the budget:
  • Discussion with executive managementĀ 
  • 680.000kr was last year - probably the same
  • Treasurer position has been assigned to Viktor, but we are looking forward to having a dedicated treasurer.
  • Process for applying for SAF was pretty tedious, so now a lot of it is automated with virtual Pleo credit card
  • CorPay One - something something invoices...
  • It's easier now
  • Ensures that less mistakes will happen because it's less prone to human error
  • Most income is from ITU
  • 127.000 spent on salaries
  • 109.000 spent of food, drink and other stuff (personaleplejer), but these also account for other student organizations
  • doctor's notes refunded (50)
  • Pleo is the place to find out where the money was spent - Billy is for accounting
  • We are spending a lot on cloud software
  • Pleo has to be renegotiated
  • 3.000 in fees from Danske Bank
  • We have 758.000 - but it doesn't make sense, but we have 600.000 on out bank account
  • We hope to make a more formal introduction to our accounts as soon as we have a dedicated treasurer
  • Money doesn't have to be spent every year
  • 200.000 from the ministry from last year is being tracked by someone called Lene at ITU
Bylaws changes
  • Make Compensation Changes Follow Amendment Changes
    • "can" is now "must".
    • None against.
    • Passed, with changes to wording.
  • The Board, not the standing members, does the bulk of the work.
    • There have been submissions that wasn't publicized.
    • There should be meetings for all implicit members every semester.
    • For: A meeting would be a better way to have students voice their opinions.
    • Against: There is a GA every semester, including Info Breakfasts.
      • Barely being used, and would take too much energy.
    • Keeping it to a minimum of one meeting, but should check if the Student Council is still approachable.
    • From 4 meeting to at least one is passed.
  • Student Council should be informed where money is being spent, or should be within the agreed budget.
    • Financial decisions that are made outside the budget should be approved by the Student Council.
    • Against: Will hinder how the board can act
    • For: Wouldn't change a lot, but will require more tight budgeting. Big financial Decisions should be presented at a meeting.
    • Procedure is: me make a budget, if we want to spent money within the budget, then we don't need to inform before the decision. If it's outside the budget, then it will need to wait 7 days.
    • wording "any" -> "major".
    • None against, passed
  • Specify how students hold be notified of meetings
    • None against, passed
  • Elected board members enters office ASAP
    • None against, passed
  • Remove use of "chairman"
    • None against, passed
  • President
    • Viktor Shamal
  • Vice
    • Dagmar
  • Treasurer
    • Yasmin
  • Board members
    • Anna, Isabella is Ā½ year
    • Andreas, Nynne, is 1 year
  • Auditors
    • Ahmed
  • None