Week 3: Methods

Katie Schuler
Katie Schuler

Materials from today’s class

In-class activity

Think about the best method for specific research questions

In this activity, you'll get into breakout rooms to apply the information from lecture to determine which method is best for particular research questions.

Background: Imagine you are a research group dedicated to studying language and the brain. Your group is very well funded and has access to several methods for studying language in the brain: fMRI, DTI, ERP and fNIRS

Four talented undergraduate students are hoping to their honors theses with your research group.  Given each students research question, (1) which method should they choose and (2) why that method is most appropriate.  In your "why" make sure to give at least 2 reasons why the other methods wouldn't work.

  • Click here to begin the activity with your group. Fill out one per group.