šŸ“ˆ IRL September Updates

At 828 unique check-ins and 380 unique visits, September 2018 is the most visited month at the IRL since we've been collecting data. It's important to note that September was not a full academic month, and that it's the beginning of the year, and the numbers would've likely been even higher otherwise. Also, these statistics do not reflect additional visits from large events (FIRST Robotics) and school tours.

Other things of note: Wednesdays are now our biggest days, with Fridays being second most. Kendrick remains our most frequent visitor! Someone give him a prize. The space is being used by far the most for supporting classes.


Monthly Unique Visits Comparison
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Monthly Total Visits Comparison
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Relationship to DePaul
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What Are You Making?
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Most Visits
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Days Visited

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Around the Space

  • The IRL hosted several "first of the year" meetings including a professional advisory board meeting and a Making at DePaul meeting.
  • Jay will be speaking to the President's Cabinet about makerspaces at DePaul in November
  • We hosted a FIRST Robotics FTC Kick-Off event that brought in over 130 attendees and over 80 high school students.
  • Other events hosted or represented: HAM Radio Class (5-week series), Involvement Fair, Legal Office Workshop, IRL Anniversary Party, dozens of workshops
  • Clubs/classes: Robotics Club, AIGA, Cosplay Club, LSP 111, GAM 392, others(?)
  • Upcoming events include Frankenreads, GCEC Conference visiting tour, upcoming tour of Trustee Dempsey's school cohort, a Teaching Commons workshop, and more.
  • We are on track to break a record number of workshop authorizations this month. For example, 10/3's workshops each had 17 sign-ups.
  • We have several things in the planning phase including: announcement of the IRL Fund (a fund for student projects in the IRL), a "how to use the IRL" informational sheet for faculty at DePaul and their classes, a Winter Break work proposal, and more!


Student Workers: Please add more data in the comments below (stories, numbers, anything you can think of!)