Automatic.css Roadmap

In Progress



Support for 12-column grid.
Change gap at breakpoints
Literal width names in increments of 10
Auto Alternating Grids
Cursor classes
Transition Classes
Overflow classes
Background Clip
Custom Box Shadow Styles
Gradient Backgrounds
Gradient Text
Icon Classes
Gradient Overlays
Incorporate CSS Logical Properties
3D tilting classes
Masonry Layouts
WSForm Support
Box shadow variables
Breakout alignment
Multi-class box in Oxygen
In-Builder Copy to Clipboard for Classes (Oxygen)
In-Builder Copy to Clipboard for Variables (Oxygen)
Ability to Add a New Color & Shade Set
Ability to Add Steps to the Type Scale
Separate Scales for Headings & Text
Set default max width for headings
Allow user to choose ACSS admin link location
WSForm settings panel
Multisite compatibility
Gutenberg Integration
Box shadow customization
Zion Builder Integration
Color swatch indicators for shades


Bricks Builder Integration — Shipped
Oxygen Builder Integration — Shipped
Lock Classes on Import (Oxygen) — Shipped
Option to subscribe to beta releases — Shipped
Ability to customize breakpoints — Shipped
Ability to set a min and max for left/right section padding — Shipped
Ability to adjust saturation values for every shade — Shipped
Import / Export Settings — Shipped
Change Focus Color From Dashboard — Shipped
Ability to Edit Sticky Position Values — Shipped
Font weight, font size, letter spacing, min width, line height for buttons — Shipped
Ability to set a smooth scrolling offset. — Shipped
Ability to set a header height. — Shipped
Ability to turn on/off smooth scrolling — Shipped
Ability to edit column widths and column rule widths — Shipped
Focus classes for changing focus color
Support for overlapping grids
Visibility classes + .hidden-accessible
Position Classes
Display Classes
::Marker Classes
Breakpoint-specific height classes
Breakpoint-specific section padding classes
z-index Classes
Column classes
Aspect Ratio Classes
Custom UI Style Guide
Granular dashboard variables
Light opacity classes and variables for every color
Custom keyboard focus styling for accessibility
Add .link--skip for Skip Link accessibility
@prefers-reduced-motion for enhanced accessibility
Text Transform Classes
Text Alignment Classes
Font Style Classes
Text Decoration Classes
Font Weight Classes
Rewrite in SCSS