API v1: Single sign on (SSO) and copy/open patient

Nathan Skwortsow
Nathan Skwortsow
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You can implement a single-sign-on between your web-based application and Physitrack (hereinafter "PTSSO").

After implementing PTSSO, practitioners using your system will be able to click on an "Open client in Physitrack" button in your system, that will then add a new client (or, if a client with this id already exists, open an existing client) and automatically sign in the practitioner to Physitrack.

If an already existing client's gender, name, year of birth, email, diagnosis code or phone have changed inside the PMS, then the client will be updated with these changes inside Physitrack. 
For reference, please see the  PTSSO documentation and email us if you would like to implement PTSSO in your system.

For examples,  several of our popular integrations with patient management systemsleverage PTSSO, including the integration with Jane App.

  • The API key used for authenticating the practitioner in the single sign on is generated inside your system, and then manually pasted into the practitioner's account on the My account > Settings page on the web version of Physitrack.
    Important: the API key should be at least 30 characters long and consist of a mix of letters (upper and lowercase) and numbers.
  • The patient id is generated on your end, and needs to be unique for each client. Please do not use social security numbers for this, but random or incremental integers.  
    Physitrack will first try to find a client with this id (scoped inside the practitioner's account), and if no client is found, the client is added as a new client inside Physitrack using the details that you sent in the POST request to the API.
  • Important: please make sure to urlencode all parameters that you send to Physitrack when using the PTSSO API.
  • In combination with PTSSO, we can also trigger a webhook to your system when a program has been assigned to the client. This allows you to download a PDF version of the assigned program for inclusion in your patient documentation system.