Healthy at home - Home workout options

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We recognize that being without gym access can be difficult for many. So, our Athletics Department and Athletic Trainers have provided some "cabin fever" remedies for everyone to stay active!
  • All suggestions are friendly for all fitness levels :)
  • No workout is “too hard”. Shorten the duration or amount of reps you do.  Add more exercises if they’re “too easy”.

Nike Training Club

            Nike is currently offering free home workouts through their Nike Training Club app.  It’s easy to use with suggestions for exercises depending on the muscle group you want to work on (specific vs. whole body), workout type (ex. body weight, endurance, mobility, etc.), or even by the equipment you own.  Workouts range from 5 - 60min long.  The premium workouts are FREE right now as well :)

The Prehab Guys

            I personally use these guys if I need exercise ideas.  These are 3 physical therapists who specialize in sports, but can also help the general population as well :) They help educate the individual on their ailment, as well as give treatment suggestions for their injuries.  Back pain because you work at your desk all day? They have a remedy.  Neck pain because you slept wrong? They got the answer.  Their podcasts also educate you on a wide range of topics.  From nutrition to the importance of sleep, these guys cover everything that could affect a person’s body.

Fitness Blender

            They offer a variety of free home workout videos that range from 15 - 60min. Lots of workouts that incorporate body weight exercises. Or you can get creative with weights, like carrying household items or furry friends. They also offer low impact exercises, yoga, and pilates.


            This site offers easy-to-read charts with different exercises.  For those that want to put themselves to the test, they have a variety of 30-day challenges, like “2-min Abs” and “Ninja”. Some examples of the workouts they offer can be seen below.


            Searching “bodyweight workouts” brings up numerous easy-to-follow videos. You can get specific if there’s a particular body part or area that you want to work on :)
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