We Radically Overcommunicate

Steve Schramm
Steve Schramm
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has declared "Radical Overcommunication" as the "Queen Bee Role" (QBR) of NorthMac Services (see Mike Michalowicz's Clockwork for more detailed information).

The QBR gets its name from the behhavior of Bee Colonies:

  • A hive has a queen bee, and her role is to lay eggs. The task of laying eggs is the Queen Bee Role—the QBR. If the QBR is humming along, eggs are laid and the colony is positioned to grow fast and easily. If the queen bee is not fulfilling her role of laying eggs, the entire hive is in jeopardy. 
  • Every bee knows the most critical function for the colony to thrive is the production of eggs, so the queen bee, who is designated to fulfill that role, is protected and served. She is fed. She is sheltered. She is not distracted by anything other than doing her job. 
  • Don’t confuse the queen bee as being the most important part of a colony; it is the role she serves that is most important. Eggs need to be made quickly and continually. One specific queen or another is not critical; the QBR is what is critical. So if the queen bee dies or is failing to produce eggs, the colony will immediately get to work spawning another queen bee so the QBR can get going again. 
  • Whenever the bees are satisfied that the QBR is being fully served, they go off to do their Primary Job. Which could be collecting pollen and nectar (food), caring for the eggs and larvae, maintaining the hive temperature, or defending the hive . . . from being exploited by NPR reporters.

    Michalowicz, Mike. Clockwork (p. 58). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition. 

What This Means

In six years of business at the time of this writing, a client has never complained because we were too forthcoming or communicated too much.

For some reason, web agencies have a bad habit of ghosting their clients. We will NOT become that agency. Communication does not have to be immediate (we prefer asynchronous communication if at all possible!), but it does need to be consistent and thorough.

Every person has two roles in the organization:
  • Protect and serve the QBR
  • Perform their Primary Job
Finally, this "overcommunication" is both internal and client facing. The more consistently and thoroughly we communicate within our team, the more consistent and thorough our client interactions will be as well.

Thus, at 4:30 each day, core team members will be asked to provide an update on the day's activities and potential roadblocks. While a response is not mandatory at this time, it is HIGHLY recommended that a response be given at least a few days a week. A pattern of multiple weeks with no response will prompt a reminder from the Admin team.