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Taking it to the porch: Basic Needs

Cristina Sandoval
Cristina Sandoval
Today,  Devon Boone (CARE Manager at MiraCosta College) and Don Love (Umoja Counselor/Coordinator at MiraCosta College) spoke about the focus on understanding the basic needs of Black students and strategies towards addressing identified needs in an educational counseling environment, grounded in trauma-informed care. This was the 3rd webinar in the Equity-grounded Counseling: Serving Black Students series.

We urge you all to take this important conversation back to your colleges. Below are a couple of questions for you to think about.

  • How do you and colleagues “hold space” and “meet students where they are” in your Counseling office?  What does this look like?

  • What types of trainings are available for Counselors to ensure they are equipped to address basic needs?
Check out the Take it to the Porch guide for the rest of the guiding questions.

To access the resources and recordings for the webinar click here.