How to: Migrate Data From Another Google Account

Dan Charlesworth
Dan Charlesworth
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This guide assumes you have logged in to your Google account

This guide is for staff who have an existing, non-TCEO Google Account with some documents, emails or other data you'd like to keep. 

A) Exporting Data via Takeout

Google provides a tool called Takeout which lets you export an archive of all your all your data.

  1. In your web browser log in, or switch, to the Google Account you want to retain the data the from
  2. Navigate to in your web browser.
  3. Double-check you're logged in to the correct account by opening the circular user menu in the top right corner of the screen.
  4. Select which data to include in your export by flipping the corresponding switches down the right hand side. It's unlikely that anything except Calendar, Contacts, Drive and Mail will be relevant.
  5. With the products selected, click Next
  6. Leave the default formatting options and click Create archive
  7. You'll receive an email in the account's Gmail inbox. How long depends on the amount of data you're exporting. When it arrives follow the links to download the archive to your computer.

B) Importing Data for each Google App

If you only need the data for archival/historical purposes, save it in a safe place on your computer and skip this section.

If you do need to import some data to your new Google Account, unzip the Takeout archive you downloaded earlier, switch to your new TCEO Google account and follow the relevant steps below.

Drive (docs & files)
Your exported documents and files are found in the Drive folder. You can either drag and drop them right into Google Drive on your new account or click New → File upload
in the upper left.

Calendars must be manually recreated in Google Calendar before you import the individual .ics files to them. Follow steps (A) and (C) from the Calendar Migration Guide.

To import a .mbox backup from your Takeout archive you'll need to use a desktop mail client like Thunderbird or Apple Mail. First you'll need to add your TCEO Google Account and then you can follow this Apple guide to import the file to it:


Contacts are managed through the Google Contacts app. Switch to it via the waffle menu and then use the Import Contacts... link down the left-hand side to import each .vcf file from the Takeout folder on your computer.