🎉 (EVL) Sprint 2 Report

In this sprint, we only have 2 tasks:
  • Cara berkontribusi ke Open Source (Published, Done)
  • Tentang Memory di JavaScript (Not started yet, Todo)

Our goals are:
  • Sessions: 250
  • Bounce rate: ~45%
  • Sessions duration: ~4m

And run from 28 Oct to 01 Oct 2019, here are the (quick) report.
  • Sessions down to 71 (-50,3%)
  • Bounce rate up to 57,75% (+1,9%)
  • Session duration up to 2m 40d (+6,6%)
It means, the only "green" indicator was session duration.

And in this sprint, we doesn't reach any goals.


  • We lost a lot of motivation
  • We don't know exactly who are our audience and what they need
  • The one-man show


This is some consideration from me as individual

Writing is hard, takes much time and effort.

And this is normal, the part was on "managing" our focus so our thought was not divided to much things.

In this week, my think was divided into:
  • Busy in migrating from JIRA to Basecamp
  • Busy in managing for my own personal blog
  • Busy in researching out-of-context things
  • Busy in redesigning, designing, and wording our new web
Based on those lists, I knew how to solve this. I need to prioritize the focus so my motivation–in writing–will not go anywhere.

Based on our Twitter followers, our audience was from entry-level to mid-level.

But mostly from entry-level.

Some mild topic maybe suitable with them like everything they were familiar but not used it yet.

The One-man show
98% posts are written by me (
Fariz Fariz
) and 2% by
Afwa Bagas Wahuda Afwa
. This is not problem for internal, but maybe little bad for external. I'm assumed how boring are they seeing my avatar & name in our blog.

To solve this, I will publish sometimes under evilfactorylabs account, then back to me again, then back to evilfactorylabs again, and so on and so on.


This week was not ours, we have significant deflation than last week. But the journey must goes on, maybe this is last report in EVL project (and EVL sprint). After Tentang Memory di JavaScript published, I will focus on PRD (Not Product Requirement Document!) project and will writing the report with the CHANGELOG format.

And will writing a blog occasionally.

Mostly about PRD-things.

However, keep up the good work.