Job Announcement: Entomologist at Tifton, GA

Tim Strickland
Tim Strickland

The Southeast Watershed Research Lab at Tifton, GA is recruiting for an Entomologist SY (GS-12/13). Please share with any colleagues who may be interested. The position is open May 17 through June 18. 

Responsibilities Include:
  • Conduct biologically based, problem-oriented laboratory and field research on the effect of landscapes composed of agricultural and non-agricultural habitats on the population dynamics of primary pests and their natural enemies in agroecosystems.
  • Determine the effects of landscape components important in regulating arthropod populations.
  • Develop and test spatial and temporal models that address arthropod population distribution within georeferenced crop fields and adjacent non-agriculture habitats relative to environmental (e.g., topographic, edaphic) and ecological factors.
  • Develop perennial/diverse cropping systems and agricultural habitat management practices that enhance the abundance and diversity of natural enemies, pollinators, and ecological services
  • Determine factors responsible for pest population colonization and growth, the spatial and temporal scale at which pest species should be controlled.
  • Determine alternative strategies for managing pest arthropods in a more economically sound and environmentally acceptable manner as viewed by both the producer and consumer.
  • Employ precision management techniques and habitat management schemes to site-specifically manage crop pests.

Application can me made via the following link: