RCA Baseline set 0 Release 1

Mirko Blazic
Mirko Blazic
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This page contains the public content of the RCA Gamma.1 release. Please check the release notes for an overview of the new/changed documents.

The release: RCA BL0 R1 documentation package (ZIP-file) 

Getting started

For readers new to RCA the following reading from earlier documents (RCA Gamma) may be useful to get started:
  • RCA.Doc.1 | RCA White Paper
  • RCA.Doc.7 | RCA  FAQ
  • RCA.Doc.15 | RCA System Concept
  • RCA.Doc.13 | Concept: Architectural approach / System-of-systems perspective
  • RCA.Doc.43 | Concept: Informal Architecture Overview
  • RCA.Doc.28 | Concept: Migration scenarios
  • RCA.Doc.29 | Concept: LSL - Enhanced L3, Supervision, Localisation
  • RCA.Doc.34 | RCA Roadmap
  • RCA.Doc.37 | Concept: RCA effects overview


This release is not yet a complete or precise specification of RCA. It is likely that the architecture will change/evolve, based on feedback we expect from within and outside of the RCA group. Feedback for RCA is welcome! If you would like to attend a workshop or give feedback, please contact rca@eulynx.eu.


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