Magento 1.x

V 4.0.1 (02-10-2018)
  • Improved handling of potential race condition between notify and redirect
  • Improved error handling in case of invoice sending error

V (09-05-2018)
  • Fixed details for marketplace compatibility
  • Fixed problem that caused header already sent error for iDEAL

V (20-12-2017)
  • Fixed problem where configurable products were not displayed correctly in the cart info of Paydirekt
  • Fixed handling of prices with taxes

V (17-08-2017)
  • Fixed issue where reference number was not written to order info.

V (04-07-2017)
  • Bugfix that prevented proper giropay processing.

V (03-07-2017)
  • Set the locale to 'en' for languages other than 'de' and 'en' in creditcard payment method.
  • Add the discount coupon to paydirect payment method.

V (04-01-2017)
  • Fix problem with duplicated order comments and emails after the purchase.
  • Adding sleep(5) function to redirect action in the payment methods.

V (17-10-2016)
  • Improvements in notification and redirect handling.
    • Process the order in notify and redirect page, change status and finish the order.
    • Checking the order status.
    • Fix the notification code, change to codes HTTP 200 or 400. Remove code 503.

V (22-07-2016)
  • Fix for an exception