Magento 1.x

V 4.5.2 (21-01-2021)
  • Added support for 3-D Secure 2.0. Address data is now sent to payment server for credit card payments, so it is not requested upon credit card data entry.

V 4.5.1 (12-08-2019)
  • Removed unnecessary call to a function that generated a fatal error in some situations.
  • Improved integration with other payment plugins, where there may have been a problem in earlier versions.
  • For iDEAL and direct debit, removed the field(s) for entering the BIC and/or IBAN. All transactions will now be initialized without BIC/IBAN so the external form service is used. Entering the bank data within the plugin is not supported anymore.

V 4.5.0 (26-06-2019)
  • Implemented support for new payment method Maestro
  • Support for multiple languages: German, Spanish, English, French
  • Allow deactivation of the additional data form for direct debit, so that the corresponding intermediate (external) form is used instead (this is useful for cases where this form causes conflicts in the shop). Name of the option: Enable external form service / Externen Formularservice aktivieren. Default is off.
  • For giropay and eps, removed the Javascript widget and the field for entering the BIC. All transactions will now be initialized without BIC so the external form service is used. Entering the BIC within the plugin is not supported anymore.
  • Add separate error message if connection to GS server is not possible due to errors in parameter configuration (Merchant-ID, Project-ID, Project-Password).
  • Paydirekt: Support for digital carts.
  • Change Direct Debit, VISA/MasterCard and Sofort logos to the new ones.
  • Allow refunds: In order overview in the shop system, allow the user to initiate a refund for payment types: creditcard, directdebit, maestro, paydirekt.
  • Allow reservations and captures, where reservation is configurable in backend as default transaction type for credit card, direct debit and paydirekt. If reservation (or auth) is configured, all payments are made with that type and the capture is then made when the order state is changed to shipped. 

V 4.0.1 (02-10-2018)
  • Improved handling of potential race condition between notify and redirect
  • Improved error handling in case of invoice sending error

V (09-05-2018)
  • Fixed details for marketplace compatibility
  • Fixed problem that caused header already sent error for iDEAL

V (20-12-2017)
  • Fixed problem where configurable products were not displayed correctly in the cart info of Paydirekt
  • Fixed handling of prices with taxes

V (17-08-2017)
  • Fixed issue where reference number was not written to order info.

V (04-07-2017)
  • Bugfix that prevented proper giropay processing.

V (03-07-2017)
  • Set the locale to 'en' for languages other than 'de' and 'en' in creditcard payment method.
  • Add the discount coupon to paydirect payment method.

V (04-01-2017)
  • Fix problem with duplicated order comments and emails after the purchase.
  • Adding sleep(5) function to redirect action in the payment methods.

V (17-10-2016)
  • Improvements in notification and redirect handling.
    • Process the order in notify and redirect page, change status and finish the order.
    • Checking the order status.
    • Fix the notification code, change to codes HTTP 200 or 400. Remove code 503.

V (22-07-2016)
  • Fix for an exception