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Arturas P. on August 30, 2017

Why to Train with us?

Why we created our courses:
...we took part in various courses.In some-we found 
how to do things right,in some-what not to do.
But that didn't meet our expectations 
So we made our courses.
Courses for us.

What is the difference 
between courses of our company 
and other training companies?
  • You Fight like you Train. We Train to Adapt to Uncertainties and Improvise to be able to Execute Tasks and Survive.
  • Expected Situation Determines Preparation.

Our Vision:
  • Be Clear and Do Simple!
  • Our goal is not to criticize others but to find and share good practices (experience, skills and knowledge) and eliminate mistakes (and various nonsense) to improve chances to Survive in Real Combat (both Empty Hands and Armed).

Our Credo:
  • Task orientated Adaptation and Improvisation ( from the very beginning we train to Get Used to the Uncertainties); 

Course split between 2 countries: 
1st week in Ireland;
2nd week in Lithuania (Tactical Firearms)
  • That improves Adaptation to different Environment and Rules (as it always happens in real life!).

Course is very intensive: 
    1. We built this course for us. Instructors also participate in course( but with additional instructors tasks and assessments). Basic course for students is also a refreshment course for instructors.
    2. In our opinion 10 hour's training - only for babies. 
    3. So no " fancy - mancy "-1st week  drills go 7:00 to 23:00  ( fitness, practical and theoretical cp tasks, Empty Hands Combat, dry Tactical Firearms drills..) +self-work. 
    4. 2nd week -can be even more hours or less  (depends on results of your assessments).
    5. every course is unique- we adjust course programs to experience of our students and push them to their new maximum every day;
    6.  Final daily Result is Team related - we count result by an achievement of the weakest member of The Team. So if:
  • you are more experienced and finished your task quicker - help to others.
  • If you are less experienced and have difficulties to reach goals- use more efforts that to avoid being the weakest link.
  • despite that- Goals are maximum for everyone from the beginning of course.
  • You have to read theory before course! (that's why you are connected to internal web project manager of cp course Basecamp- with manuals and other useful info). You have to do preparations to every task forehead -as it always happens in real life!

all sleep, eat, train and have rest together:
as it always happens  in real life!

  • from 2 lads in 1 room with comfort; 
  • to - all sleeping in sleeping bags ( instructors too) in any premises ;

as it always happens  in real life!

  • from standard 2 meals per day in Restaurant ( Cafe);
  • to anyway it goes  (different training places (open-close shooting ranges) and environment (weather conditions) , uncertain timings)-you have to organize meals for yourself and your Team. If you wont do it properly you will be Hungry.
  • p.s.   if you have 3 meals per day when you do drills and training? this  is not a camp for tourists.

No Fancy Uniforms!
  • all training and drills go with uniform adequate to drill specific or ( in most of the cases)- casual clothing. 
  • No problem to dress up by any Dress Code if you know how to Cover Sector and Feel Comfortable in Crowd. Fancy Uniform won't sort it out!

No Fancy Cars!
  • If you don't know how to drive properly Fancy Cars won't fix it!
  • If you don't understand the small details of embus/debus (how and when to open (close) doors, timings, sectors) and if you don't drive properly with Team (specifics of driving of different cars in Convoy, )- you are only bunch of idiots group of people with cool cars! - as it often happens in real life!