1Q2018 / WK 5-8: #ICNY18 featured Inman 10x10 sessions, now #RE2020 assembling Top 20 using @MITxULab framework

Ending: New generation of real estate reporters lack historical context to understand what's been normalized -- conflicts of interest, bidding wars, missing big issues -- families & parenting = sustainability issues
Ending: Continuing downward trend, Twitter & social media coverage of ICNY off from previous years
Ending: Lead generation morphing into consumer direct
Ending: "New Kids on the Block" & StartUp Alley both more sustaining innovation than disruptive innovation despite prediction 2018 = Tipping Point
Presencing: Motivational speakers turning up the #REHypeMachine = Beginning of the End?
Presencing: Transformative disruption overdue, focus moving from search to transaction, to value of personal data during / after transaction (Homeownership cycle?)
Presencing: ICNY keynotes challenge industry to find moral compass, build community (while CFPB moves in opposite direction)
Presencing: Compass positioning strategy: 20/20/20
Presencing: Compass premium fees for concierge related referrals failed in past, will it work in the future?
Presencing: Teams shamelessly blind to conflicts of interest = time bomb for consumers when market calms
Presencing: Capital Connect = conversations about funding moving from private meetings to stage
Presencing: Mega-funded iBuyers reflects transformation of Main Street by Wall Street, displacement of ordinary homebuyers by Landlord Nation
Presencing: As #AI app bragged about Stalking 2.0 functionality, questions about privacy, use / misuse of personal data now on stage at #ICNY
Presencing: Industry is aware that "real estate is broken," and as past decades reveals, left to itself will not change. Fear vulnerable to disruption.
Emerging: Antitrust workshop hosted by DOJ & FTC hosting will be leveraged to create awareness of Real Estate as Sleeping Giant of Consumer Movement
Emerging: Acknowledging housing insecurity, Zillow seeks opportunities to collaborate in local initiatives including hackathons
Emerging: AI tech arms race seeks to create super agents, but will 10X productivity goal will cause number of agents to shrink?
Emerging: Blockchain in Real Estate: Beyond buzz, first movers getting real (including several in Boston?)
Emerging: Driven by biometrics-enabled authentication, digital identity in real estate moves from personal security to HousingID
Emerging: 2018 = Tipping point as moneysaving business models capture more market share, MegaBrokers introduce new options?
Emerging: "Tech Tsunami" breaking open brokerages (Pete Flint), expanding real estate ecosystem = #RE2020
Emerging: Within 10 years, majority of incumbents gone -- Pete Flint, Trulia; Realtors admit "Identity Crisis"