Cycle 2020/4 – ⛰ Matterhorn

Adam Freisinger
Adam Freisinger
15 projects await builder teams to make CodeBerry better for everyone during the upcoming 6 weeks:

About the projects

BoP in Java – led by 
Laszlo Vad Laszlo
A great number of people search for Java and Python beginner materials and these two languages are also very popular in the job market. We don’t have a curriculum to serve these people so we potentially miss a big opportunity to acquire and help more students and increase our revenue.

By August, we create and launch a 30-day long beginner Java course in Hungarian, modifying some of our existing BoP materials. During the first three months, we could realize an extra ~€8000 (2.8M HUF) in revenue.

Syncing the curriculum – led by 
Laszlo Vad Laszlo
The ro-RO, pl-PL, and es-MX paying locales substantially differ from the hu-HU version of the curriculum. This makes our work harder and the experience worse for our non-Hungarian students. We plan to execute a 6-week long project that syncs up the lagging locales with Hungary. As a result, we expect to see better retention and more paying students on those locales, spend less time running courses, and be able to run business experiments more quickly.

Community translations – led by 
Andras P. Toth Andras
 Translating our curriculum is expensive especially when doing it in 20 languages. We’d like to make it cheaper with community-based translations.
 We’d like to start our service in 20 locales in the next months. Based on our experience, an R&D project like this would need all resources of the company (but definitely PRD, GRW, CUS & TRN). The proposal is to reinitiate the settler team, but this time as a builder team first to find the right structure and parties, and a regular effort later.

es-MX course launching – led by 
Eszter Pitás Eszter
We would like to start 2 courses on the Mexican locale where we have never had courses before.

BoP Bootcamp in English – led by 
Eszter Pitás Eszter
We would like to offer our BoP bootcamp on the old paying locales (vi-VN, id-ID, pt-BR) in the English language.

Scholarship ending offer – led by 
Adam Freisinger Adam
Beginning in July, at least 400 COVID scholarships will gradually expire at CodeBerry. We update the offboarding process gem for handling such cases and offer a 40% discounted price for any of our current plans. With a conservative calculation this would mean €800 extra revenue for 20 hours of our work (including the writing of this pitch).
With a recent change, we keep 15% of our cancelling students for at least one more month for a 40% discount on the Hungarian locale. We extend the same process on the other paying locales as well to decrease churn.

Launching Advanced CSS
– led by 
Eszter Pitás Eszter
We start the new Advanced CSS course.

Update prices – led by 
Laszlo Bekessy Laszlo
To meet our revenue goals in 2020, we want to increase our prices. After studying the pricing survey results and consulting with process owners, we’ve created a list of new plans that we think would mean a ~20% increase, cover 99% of the needed cases, wouldn’t break our current processes and wouldn’t cause anger or confusion to our students at the same time. We can create new plans, change payment links, update some processes and release the change in 2 weeks.

We currently don't have PR. We'd love to have PR, to get links & social proof & to steal the processes of PR agencies, so we could build our own internal PR.
Get external courses – led by 
Laszlo Bekessy Laszlo
We could get Hungarian, tech related courses created by other people to run on the CodeBerry infrastructure to have revenue quickly.

Synchronize login methods – led by 
Anita Kurtanidze Anita
We would like to eliminate the confusion around the different login methods and ensure that the student can see the progress regardless of their chosen login method.

Nudge inactive course participants – led by 
Eszter Pitás Eszter
Students churn in our courses because “life gets in the way”. Based on a research by Coursera, we think that we could help students finish the course by offering them to continue the course with the next batch of students.

Zoom mentoring / check interest – led by 
Laszlo Bekessy Laszlo
Let’s find out if our students are interested in Zoom mentoring sessions in topics like code education, career coaching, interview preparation, English lessons (for job preparation).

What will happen now?

Some of the builder teams have already started working on their projects, some will be up to speed in the near future. Fortunately, during the last cycle we could welcome several new team members aboard CodeBerry again, so we have even more resources to work with. Welcome aboard! 🌊

Fingers crossed 🤞for the project teams. Let’s ship 🚢!

p.s.: From the top of Matterhorn, several of our new possible markets can be seen! And they used it this year to project flags and messages. I think that's a sign. :)
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