August 4th Minutes

Leslie Feldballe (University at Buffalo)
Leslie Feldballe (University at Buffalo)
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Community Cataloging – this is from ExLibris – a community based collection of records. 

·         Where would this come from? 
·         Who would create the data? 
·         Would there be standards for adding metadata and what would they be? 
·         This does not sound like a good idea. 

OCLC meeting notes: 

·         Change from Master Record to WorldCat record. 
·         As we revise the MSPs, we can revise the language. 

MSP 42: Brief Levels

·         Maggie updated this policy and tested in the sandbox. 
·         We will continue to put the revised date in the bottom. 
·         Group will look at this and give feedback.

Homosaurus et al.,

·         Homosaurus: The Homosaurus is an international linked data vocabulary of LGBTQ terms that supports improved access to LGBTQ resources within cultural institutions. Designed to serve as a companion to broad subject term vocabularies, the Homosaurus is a robust and cutting-edge vocabulary of LGBTQ-specific terminology that enhances the discoverability of LGBTQ resources.
·         $$2 homoit
·         Where do we go after “Change the Subject”
·         Looking ahead: how can we work with this as a ready-to-go thesaurus
·         Can we encourage use of certain thesauri by providing examples for the SUNY institutions to follow?
·         This is something we definitely want to pursue.

CDI Stop list: 

·         This came up in the APEOC (Alma Primo Steering Committee) meeting at UB
·         ELUNA/IGeLU on DEI has come up with a stop word list for the CDI. 
·         Users can request additions to the list. 
·         We have put several links into Basecamp, we will just start thinking about it. 
·         Stop words are “a, an, for” – the system ignores stop words. Stop words mean phrases could be ignored. 
·         What purpose does a DEI stop word serve?
·         There is a list of stop words, we feel that providing an alternative term

What we thought Community Cataloging was:

·         Shared cataloging services between SUNYs. 
·         Ex: Foreign language cataloging. 
·         We will create a list of people who can assist with cataloging foreign languages. Maggie can create a survey and send it out to cataloging leads.