2020-09-03 Special Board Meeting

Eric Wahl
Eric Wahl
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September 3, 2020, 7pm


Eric Wahl-President
Betsy Drensky-Vice President
Don Adanitsch-Treasurer
Erin Witte-Secretary
Tammy Trus-Marketing and Media
Michelle Toohey-Uniforms and Equipment

New Business

Introductions: History of the Club.  Purpose of board and future. 
  • Non-voting members to be included and invited to future meetings.
  • High School coaches to be included. 
  • Decisions to be determined through the by-laws as to the level of quorum’s and votes needed for amendments and decisions made for the organization.
Descriptions of positions and discussions of board responsibilities.
  • Erin as secretary to take minutes, help with membership, help with team snap?  Also, will check the PO box.
  • Michelle will continue to order uniforms and inventory equipment and let the board know if additional equipment needs to be ordered.
  • Tammy for Marketing and Media will help get the word out on social media about the program and advertise the programs scheduled events and help put together future correspondence for events and tournaments.
New official mailing address
    Address: Strongsville Lacrosse Association
    PO Box 360832
    15500 Pearl Road
    Strongsville, Ohio 44136

Bylaw Review and discussion
  • Each member to review bi-laws.  Add a description of each board position and their duties.  Assign a term limit to the board.  Creating and documenting policy and procedures going forward.  Grievances proceed put in place.  Process for unbecoming conduct.  
  • Expectation of the Coaches.  Coaches development.  Training for new coaches.  Coaches level one certifications.  Discussions of possible fee reimbursement.
  • Add subcommittees?  Board can delegate to subcommittees.
    • ☑️ Provide feedback for by-laws for next board meeting.  
    • ☑️ What are the goals of the association?  
    • ☑️ How to enhance our club?  
    • ☑️ What level of teams do we want to yield?

Covid-19 protocols for Fall and Spring season
  • Do we need waivers for practices?  Require masks when not physically practicing?
  • Follow covid guidelines recommended by the state, country, CDC.

Current Field Status
Need to find fields available for all teams to be able to practice.  Need to have fields available for teams participating in Graveyard.  For Spring practice to do we have a point of contact at the city?

Sports Programs
  • Girls Sunday clinics.  Sign up genius for high school team to help volunteer on weekends.
  • Boys possible fall clinics.  Need fields to host.  Do we split teams if we have enough girls, if not do we put an A and B team in place?  Who decides who goes on which team?  
  • Current guidelines state we go by grade unless there are not enough players then it would be 5/6 or 7/8.  
General Discussions
Next Meeting Oct 1st.  Be ready to continue to comment on by-laws and continue discussion of goals.